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Chris Duhon Net Worth, Career, Salary, Bio, Early Life & Relationships

Chris Duhon is an American basketball coach and former basketball player. He has got a huge net worth thanks to his talent and hard work. Chris is currently coaching the Marshall Thundering Herd men team. He has made many records during his career and that’s how her career graph has always been high. If you want to know more about his personal and professional life you can read the following details below.

Early Life and Bio

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Chris was born on 31st August 1982 in Louisiana. He is African American and belongs to a simple background. His mother’s name is Vivian and as his parents were divorced he used to live with her. During his childhood, he was studying at Salmen High School and he was always interested in sports. When his graduation was completed he started studying at Duke College. He used to play basketball during school and college tournaments and wanted to pursue a career in this field. He is very close to his mother as she supports him in all his endeavors. His height is six feet and one inch while his weight is 86kg. He is 38 years old currently and leads a good life.

Basketball career and success

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Chris was drafted by NBA and started playing for Chicago Bulls in 2004. When he started his game it was the era of Micheal Jordan and at that too against Miami Heat. During his career has made many records that include 34 points, 9, assists, 2 rebounds, and three steals. He has won against every opponent till now making his career a huge success. He updated his contract with Orlando Magic but finally moved to Los Angeles Lakers in 2012. Due to an accident, he had to retire from his basketball career but helped various teams with his coaching skills.

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Net Worth and Salary

Chris has a big net worth of $10 million and he is one of the richest sportspeople. There is no proper history of his salary but he surely earns a big amount. As compared to other players he has kept a clean image with no controversies. He has a big mansion and loves to keep a lot of cars and accessories. Most of the rich celebrities prefer living in Beverly Hills and he is also one of them. In his personal life, he is active on social media and likes to remain active there. His fans love to know more about him.

Relationship and dating

Chris has been living with one woman since 2010. He recently got married to Andrea Hernandez. They are leading a good life and there is no news of a breakup either. The couple doesn’t have any children as yet. Initially many people didn’t know that Chris is the cousin of Jarrett Jack. He doesn’t mind the competition between the two and takes every game with no issues. In 2017 he was arrested for driving in a drunken state and he apologized for the same. The young basketball players see him as a source of inspiration and take tips from him.

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