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Charmed Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot & All You Need To Know

 Charmed Season 4 is bringing a lot of enthusiasm and excitement among viewers. Charmed is renewed by the makers for a new season. However earlier the season four was delayed due to pandemic. The filming of new season has already begun in October 2021. We can expect the series to come out very soon on Netflix. The new season will have around 13 episodes and all the fans are waiting for it anxiously. Here are more details regarding the series:

What is the plot of Charmed Season 4?

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Charmed is an American fancy drama and this is why people are loving it. It revolves around three sisters named Macy, Mel and Maggi. Each one of them has a special magical power. They discovered this unique power right after the death of their mother. Three of them are the charmed ones and use their combined magical power to help the innocent people.

Some evils including demons and other dark forces are working against innocent lives. It seems as if it is their duty to protect them all. Charmed is an entertaining series that is created by Constance M. Burge while the producer is Aaron Spelling. You will not be surprised to know that the series is based on the original Charmed Series. The original series ran for around eight season from 1998-1999.

Who is in the cast of Charmed Season 4?

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Charmed Season 4 will feature some of the best actors. CW has revealed the cast list of the charmed. Here are the names of the cast:

  • Jeffrey Lieber
  • Joey Falco
  • Nicki Renna

The new cast will take over Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro. They both have been a part of this series since the past two seasons. According to Lieber:

“We feel super blessed to be taking the helm at this moment when things are starting over,” “We’re bringing in a totally new character who we can do anything with, and it’s just exciting. We hope to make a season where it’s like, ‘Buckle up and strap in, because anything’s possible.’”

What can we expect from Charmed Season 4?

All the fans can expect to see an interesting storyline for charmed Season 4. Firstly the series will deal with the death of Macy. Here is what Falco has to say about the season 4:

“We’re definitely not just going to blow past Macy’s death. “This season is going to be about grief and trauma, and how that can change people — but also how you can either succumb to it or push past it, and how you can find joy and happiness again. As the characters get there, we really think it’s going to help us make what we think is the most fun, sexy, exciting season of Charmed yet.”

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When will Charmed Season 4 Release?

The Charmed Season 4 will release on March 11th 2022. CW network will continue to entertain the audiences for 13 long episodes of this series. Even though the show has seen certain delays due to pandemic it is now ready for action. Once the full season is complete the series will be available on Netflix as well.

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