The first spacewalk of a team consisting solely of women was a historic moment last week. The American space agency NASA wrote history with the trip of astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir. All the more so because it...
You desperately need a good night’s sleep, but your noisy heating system seems to have other plans for you! You can’t switch it off as its cold and you should not ignore these loud noises as it usually means...
Chinese astronomers have repeatedly caught mysterious signals such as the 'Fast Radio Burst' (FRB) on the world's largest and most sensitive radio telescope, whose source may be about three billion years away from Earth. This information was given by China's...
The powerful Typhoon Lingling has reached near the Korean Peninsula. In view of the strong winds and heavy rains, the South Korean government has issued an alert. According to the Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA), Lingling, the 13th hurricane of the...
'Chandrayaan-2' lander 'Vikram' lost contact with the ground station while landing on the moon last night, after which Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached ISRO to address the nation on Saturday morning. Here, he not only encouraged the scientists but he...
Roger Federer suffers his fastest defeat in 16 years at the Cincinnati Mastery. Swiss Tennis Star and World No.1 Roger Federer lose his match in Cincinnati Masters. this is Roger Federer's Fastest lose in 16 years History. He lose this...
Many of us may have experienced something that someone should be told to a person and then spread it in the name of a chili masala. And when the different people came, they went back to your ears, so...
The French boat manufacturer Bavaria Catamarans will lead in the future to the well-known and tradition-rich name Nautitech. The decision in October by the new owners of the mother company Bavaria Yachtbau now follow actions. Yesterday, Monday...


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Entrepreneur and activist Michael Coudrey in Las Vegas, Nevada

Entrepreneur Michael Coudrey Discusses Business-Minded Childhood, Present Activities

Michael Coudrey is the CEO behind Pharos Investment Group, and has gathered an impressive list of start-up experiences throughout the years. We interviewed Michael...