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Carla Facciolo Net Worth, Bio, Career, Age, Relationships & More

Carla Facciolo is a popular American reality TV personality. She has gained a lot of fame duet to her hard work and talent. Even though she has done many successful projects she is best known for VH1 reality series “Mob Wives“. This reality TV series got a lot of critical acclaim and fans love. There were some controversies surrounding her husband at that time. He had to serve 88 month imprisonment for the stock fraud. Here are more details about this talented star regarding her net worth.

Bio and Early Life

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Carla Facciolo was born on January 14, 1967, in Brooklyn, New York. Her father is Louis Facciolo who is a lawyer of a Gambino crime family. There is no concrete information about her mother. She has got two sisters. As her father went to prison when she was young both siblings had to face hardships. At the same time her uncle was also murdered due to his involvement with crime family. Carlo is 54 years currently while her height is 5 feet and nine inches.

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Career and professional life

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Carla began her career by starring in a very prominent reality TV series. The Mob wives made her an overnight star. She also made a guest appearance in the season five and six. While her stay in the show she was always involved in a controversy with Renee Graziano. During her stay on the show she was known as a sex kitten. Many contestants believe that she has a high sexual appeal. The reality TV star has a big range of skincare products. Even though she is a housewife many brands are asking her for endorsements. Recently she also appeared for the premier of marriage boot camp.

Controversy and rumors

With a lot of success and praises, controversies and rumors also arrive. Carla is known for taking drugs and it made a lot of headlines too. During her stay on Mob wives she used to have frequent arguments with her colleagues. Even with the rumors and controversies she has a high fan following on social media.

Personal life and relationships

Carla was previously married to Joseph “Joe” Ferragamo. He also appeared on mob wives. After few successful years of marriage they started to face some troubles. They decided to take a divorce. The couple is blessed with twin sons. After divorce children are living with their mother. She goes to various vacations and posts many pictures online.

Net worth and Salary

The average salary of Carla happens to be around $60,000. Her major source of income is her reality TV series appearances. She also handles skincare products business and is successful in everything. Due to her hard work she has managed to grab a good amount of fortune. The estimated net worth of Carla is $ 1.5 million that is massive. She leads a lavish lifestyle with her two sons.

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