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Can food bikes attract more customers?

The use of food bikes is gradually becoming a trend within the food delivery sector of the hospitality industry. Aside from it acting as a form of mobile kitchen that afford restaurants owners the opportunity to provide a well-preserved food service delivery to the doorstep of their target customers, it also offers the opportunity for small scale food business start-up. Since food bikes (mostly modelled in tricycle form) are equipped with modern kitchen apparatus that makes cooking possible all day even while on the wheel, it thus makes the need for a physical space to operate restaurants less important.

Questions had so far been raised as regards whether the use of food bikes will someday replace outrightly the operation of a physical restaurant space? While this does not seem like anything to occur in the nearest future due the serenity and pleasure that a restaurant provides to its customers, it is a fact beyond doubt however that a food bike attracts more customers than its physical space counterpart. This is considered so for the following reasons:

  1. Food Bikes are not Restricted by Location: the mobility capability of food bikes is one of the greatest advantages it enjoys over a physical restaurant space or any other form of food vending processes. Unlike the physical restaurants whose operation and sales depends largely on the patronage of individuals within their sphere of physical presence and operation, food bikes afford vendors the opportunity to take their business directly to the location of their customers. Since it occupies a very small packing space for its vending activities to commence, a food bikes owner and business operator can be easily set up close to parks, beaches, shopping malls, and private events where it easily access a greater number of potential buyers.
  2. Food Bikes are Relatively Small and Make Sale Possible in Highly Congested Areas: the nearness to the source of market (i.e consumers) is one of the most important factors that a business owner should consider when citing their businesses. While the citing of most physical restaurants often put these factors into consideration, the ability of a food bike operator to gain access to the most remote parts of the community and manoeuvre itself into the highly congested areas of the society often make it one of the most enduring medium of customers attraction. Food bikes are also designed in a manner that makes it convenient for vendors to prepare and sell food comfortably irrespective of their location. With its ability to operate effectively within an already congested and highly concentrated environment, operators of food bikes provide its services to an already-made team of customers unlike the physical restaurants that takes quite some time to attract and build its customer base.

  3. Less Competitive with Greater Opportunity: when there is an opportunity for a potential ready-made food market (whether in garages, parks, or recreation centres), the possibility of two or more restaurants springing up within the same location cannot be underscored, and this brings about strong competition for the same group of market leads. In the case of food bike operation, such competition is always less visible as the mobile nature of food bikes makes it convenient to move from one place to another in the search of its customers and sales prospects. The services of food bikes are not restricted to a defined group of customers and it enjoys a very large market outreach when compared to her physical restaurant counterpart.
  4. Food Bikes are Easy to Access for Consumers and Saves Time: Unlike a food purchase from a physical store that require either a physical presence of the consumer or an order request that will take a little time to prepare and get delivered to the preferred location, food bikes offer consumers the opportunity to request and get instant delivery for their preferred food item right from the comfort of their respective location. Rather than look up to an order which might take some time to deliver, delivery made from food bikes are not just instant but as well fresh from source. This however save consumers the time that would have been employed in waiting for delivery from an external food source.
  5. Food Bikes Makes House-to-House Food Vending Possible: except on a desire for leisure and serenity, only few individuals will prefer to lose the comfort of being served a freshly made meal right at their doorstep in search of a food restaurant outside. Unlike the physical restaurants that operates from a defined location and sell their products only upon request, food bike on its part allows for a house-to-house vending activity such that the buyer have access to everything they want at their own private destinations. From hot dogs, ice creams, burgers, doughnuts, cupcakes among several others, food bikes afford sellers the opportunity to prepare different type of food items and make it available for sale anywhere.
  6. It is Cost Effective to Both Sellers and Buyers: Food bikes act as store, kitchen, mobility, delivery outlet, and sales channel to the seller. To a buyer of food item. The use of food bike by the seller reduce the stress and cost of data usage required to make order or call credits spent in tracking the order down to a location that is quite not well defined. For this reason and several others, individuals often prefer purchases made from food bikes to that which require a monotonous act of order request from restaurants or a physical visit to an eatery.

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Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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