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Blood and Treasure Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast& Other Updates

Blood and Treasure is an American action-adventure drama and the episodes are coming out on CBS. You will be surprised to know that the show has been inspired by three interesting shows which feature the same genre. If you have watched Indian Jones and National treasure you will also like this show. Each and every episode is power-packed with all the thrill and action. It is like an entertainment which goes on for38-83 minutes. We have gathered all the important information about Blood and Treasure season 2.

What is the plot of Blood and Treasure Season 2?

Blood and treasure 1

Blood and Treasure season 2 revolves around two people who have got different personalities. One person is an antiquities expert while the other is a burglar and they both join hands to catch a deadly terrorist. The terrorist funds all these activities through the stolen treasure so both the persons travel around the ground to stop such deadly activities. Both the people don’t know what they are getting into and this is not the only terrorist rather it is a hundred-year-old battle. The cradle of civilization and the fight among them is going on for so many years.

So many locations are shown in the series that you will yourself be surprised to see the globe. There is a mix of action, drama, and humor but all of it is so captivating. The series is written and directed by Taylor Elmore and Ben Silverman. Season two is going to be a lot of entertaining and thrilling so you need to watch to find out what the plot is. The makers have not yet revealed the story of the new season because they want to keep the suspense factor going.

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Where Can I watch the trailer of Blood and treasure Season 2?

blood and treasure 2

Everyone is waiting to have the trailer of Blood and treasure season 2 but it feels that it will be coming out after some time. Till then you can either watch the previous season episodes or kill some time. You can watch the trailer on YouTube or any other streaming website when it comes out.

What are the recent updates on Blood and Treasure season 2?

Blood and treasure 3

The first season the series was a great success due to which CBS renewed the second season. The first season of blood and treasure was released in 2019 and the new season was expected to come out in May 2020. The filming of the show will begin very soon. If you have loved the heroes Danny and Lexi and their adventures you will love the new season as well. According to recent updates, the shooting of season will be happening in Russia and it has been observed many actors are coming back in this season. The series focuses on show different parts of the world and this time they have chosen Russia as the prime location.

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When is the blood and Treasure Season 2 releasing?

Blood and Treasure Season 2 will be released on CBS in May 2020. We will be updating you with all the latest updates so you can know what is happening with your favorite show. After the huge success of the season, one people are anxiously waiting for the new season to arrive. You can watch some other shows in the meantime until the second season arrives.

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