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Black Summer Season 2 On Release Date Netflix, Plot, Cast And Review

All the viewers are in for a great ride as Black Summer season 2 is coming out very soon to entertain you all. After the success of the first season, many were anticipating the release of this new season. However, when the news is confirmed we all are on cloud nine. Let’s get to know all about it.

The cast of black summer season 2

We will give some exciting news to the fans that will surely be happy to know which cast members will be making a comeback in season 2.Jamie King is back as Rose to entertain you all and as usual, she will be seen in her executive role. Justin chu is returning as the Spears and Christine will reprise the role of Kyungsun. John Hyams is returning as the leading showrunner. There are chances that William could also make a comeback it all depends on the actor’s schedule. We are expecting some good performances in this season as the cast is very talented and has given some of the best scenes in the last season. Hyams has directed the second season too and we are expecting some thrilling and emotional scenes too.

Black Summer Plot

The show is about a mother who gets separated from her daughter because of a zombie apocalypse. She is focused and determined to meet her daughter again. She then joins a group of survivors who are looking for protection. The group continues their journey while protecting each other and becoming a shield for one another. The struggle and emotional breakdown of the mother trying to find her daughter is heart-wrenching and season 2 is definitely worth a try.

Jamie King has given a lot of hints about the plot and story of season 2 of the Black Summer. The makers are hinting at an adventurous and upbeat fast-paced story. It is revealed that whatever assumptions come to mind after watching the season 1 of the show would prove to be wrong because the season 2 will have a story that is going to be out of the box and unique. Something that has not to be shown on a TV show or a movie.

Is it really a Z nation sequel?

Many people have been asking the same question again and again. But the makers have finally cleared the air that Black summer is not at all linked to Z nation.

Black Summer Review

The plot will make you wonder about a lot of human characteristics. It will raise questions on human traits like ego, greed, sorrow, love and many more.  It will make you dissect each and every character on the show. What actually is the motive behind their actions? Are they really egoistic? Such a question will haunt you for days once you finish off with an episode of the show. You will struggle to find answers until you finally get a hold on the next episode. The show is metaphorical to the reality of life. What life is all about and how human beings are like. It is based on Human psychology and can even be called a psychological thriller. If you like to ponder and dissect the plot of the shows you watch this one is for you.

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Release date

The trailer of the series was released a few weeks ago and it got a very good response from the viewers. The series will be releasing on Netflix on 20th November 2019. There will be a total of eight episodes this time. So mark your calendar and don’t miss out, watch it as soon as it arrives.

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