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Black Desert To Launch Its Latest Halloween Event 2021

Pearl Abbys has launched the annual Halloween event of the Black Desert. The fans of the Black Desert will get to play an even more thrilling and spooky game ahead. The video game will become even more spooky than before. If you are in love with the Black Desert video game, then you can look forward to the upcoming Halloween Event.

Black Desert Halloween Event Release Date

In the next few weeks, the PC players will get access to the wonderful new Halloween Event. The console players will get access to the event tomorrow. The event will be running all the way through November 10th.

Special Halloween Package

The upgraded version of the game will feature new Halloween events. The team behind the video game will be treating the players with a free DLC package. This package can be downloaded from Steam and the official Black Desert website. This special package will include a few items that will include events like the Treasurable Memories Classic Box, Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x5, and Advice of Valks (+60). The players who play Black Desert on a console will be able to get a Special Gift Pack. This gift pack will include the same costume and some other useful items. The package will be free and will be available on shops near you.

Spooky Playground For Halloween

Mad Scientist Marni has developed a Spooky Playground for Halloween. The playground is specially designed to make the game scarier and spookier than before. The playground will feature the House of Horrors and will contain the chilling quest where adventurers. The players will be given the task to find the teddy bear of a weeping child.

In their search, they will come across many ghosts. Many other hidden obstacles will also be faced by the players. The Adventurers will include a variety of quests. On completing a quest, the players will be rewarded with special dice. The rewards will be used for the mini-game Ancient Black Spirit Adventure. Marni’s Spooky Playground will be filled with minigames and events.

Rewards Players will get after completing the events

The players will be awarded special rewards after successfully completing the challenges. The Content includes:

  • This year, a wide variety of Halloween-themed activities will be available. This will include Red Light and Green Light minigame. The thrilling version of the children’s game will become even more exciting this year.
  • Near NPC Marcellin the players will face two robot-esque creatures. Marni will send quests for the players and will reward them with some hidden gifts. The gifts can be used in the special Halloween-themed “Ancient Black Spirit’s Adventure” board game. The game can be played from Black Desert‘s menu and will grant the players even more rewards.
  • The players can explore Marni’s Spooky Playground and will be rewarded with a Wizard Gosphy pet!
  • Halloween event will bring rewards to the players and will allow them to take part in the adventurers. The spooky adventures will be challenging and on winning them the players will get rewarded with 100 Cron Stones, Halloween Cosplay Box, and Marni’s Fuel Box.
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