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Black Butler Chapter 165 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap

Black Butler is a Japanese Manga that is released chapter wise and each chapter comes out after a month. The Manga has been going on with a lot of twists and turns and sometimes it becomes hard to predict the story. The previous chapter revealed some important things about Mey-Rin who was having a hard time at work due to her eyesight problems. She got help from Sebastian who came up with a good solution and he changes her complete look in an instant. Viewers were astonished to see the birth of a new and clumsy maid.

What can we expect from Black Butler Chapter 165?

As we know that Mey-Rin was having a lot of difficulty at work due to her eyesight and it was Sebastian who came to her rescue. He takes her to his room and jokes about her being an owl as she cannot see him clearly he appears to be a blur. Sebastian took her to his house and told her to take a bath and feel fresh until he goes to the master and finds a good solution for her. She takes apart and takes a big sigh of relief after seeing the bed. She couldn’t remember the last time she used a bed and was comforted in such a manner. She felt bad when suddenly the tailor came and disturbed her while she was sleeping.

Nina is a good friend of Mey-Rin and she prepared eyeglasses for her weak eyesight which she got a gift from the earl. Mey-Rin is happy to wear skirts as she looks stylish and Nina told her that the clothes are magic and she looks much better in them. Earlier we have seen her wearing trousers but she looks much better now. So we can see that Black Butler Chapter 164 already came up with so many interesting twists and we can expect some level of fun and excitement in the new chapter.

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Black Butler chapter 165 review

If we talk about Black Butler we can surely say that it is one of the most interesting Manga we have come across. The story is all about friends and how they help each other in times of difficulty. The characters are close to real life and you can connect with every character quickly. The voice-over cast has done an amazing job and when they create wonderful emotions to their characters it seems so real. The Manga is very interesting and if you haven’t read it yet you should it as soon as possible. If you want a good dose of fun, entertainment and good friendship do give a chance to this Manga.

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When is Black Butler Chapter 165 releasing?

Black Butler Chapter 165 will be releasing on 18th June 2020. As you already know that we can get a new chapter once every month. There is no official website where you can read this interesting Manga online. The makers are releasing the chapters in magazines and it is better if you purchase the magazine every month. Right now the Manga is featured in G fantasy magazine and you can support the developers by purchasing it. If you are not interested in buying the official magazine there are various websites online where you can read the chapters. It will be much better if you support the developers and read the Manga from official sources only.

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