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Billy Corgan Is Not The Biggest Fan Of Pro Wrestling Entrance Themes

NWA Crockett Cup will happen within this weekend. The owner of NWA Billy Corgan joined Robbie Fox for an interview to about the entrance themes of Pro Wrestling.  Apart from that he is the load vocalist and guitar player from the legendary band ‘The Smashing Pumpkins’. As he is a wrestling promoter himself he talked about how the company has a different view regarding the entrance themes. Compared to other wrestling companies their taste is totally different. Here we will discuss more what he says in his interview:

Billy Corgan talks about Pro Wrestling Entrance Themes

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Billy Corgan is comparing the themes of Pro wrestling entrance with other companies. Here is how he gives his comments:

“Matt Cardona of all people, he comes at me for not having entrance music on Powerrr which is kind of funny,” Corgan said. “I think there was even one promo where he pulled out his phone and played his own entrance theme. It’s not that I don’t like it, I get it and I get how it’s become part of the modern form and I’m not sentimental for a form without it but I’m just not the biggest fan’’.

“I was honestly a bigger fan of the way Pride, which was before UFC, used to use really weird music for Fedor [Emelianenko] and stuff like that. Almost like trip-hop tracks and stuff like that. I would like to see more creativity on the music side. Most wrestling themes are very, very, from a music point of view I’m a snob and I have a right to be, they’re pretty B and C level music themes. We do some good stuff but at the end of the day, I’d like to see some more diversity.”

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Billy’s long history in the music industry

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Billy has a long history of 40 years in the music industry. He talked about the interest he has in wrestling since many years now. WWE asked him to be a part of their team and he wrote and composed a song for the Wrestling superstars. This song was used for the entrance of wrestling superstars at WWE. He also talked about the lead guitarist of Smashing Pumpkins. Jeff Schroeder has a great influence on theme must of NWA. Here is what he has to say about it:

“I did talk to WWE about it at some point but that didn’t go nowhere,” Corgan said. “It was a mid-level staffer that when they booted it up, it went nowhere. I did some stuff for TNA but as far as doing a wrestling theme dedicated, no. Lately I’ve been working with Jeff Schroeder who’s been the guitar player for the Smashing Pumpkins for over 15 years and Jeff’s done some really cool themes for the NWA.

“I’ve tried to license some 80s songs that I’ve liked and people just quote astronomical figures. If I told you some figures I’ve been quoted for some songs that I’ve asked for behind the scenes, your head would explode. It’s just unbelievable what people want for wrestling themes.”

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