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Bill Cosby Net Worth, Personal Life, Career & More

Bill Cosby is an American comedian, television star, and producer who has gained a big fan following in a short time. He is known for making a hit show named the Cosby show and by staring in it he became very popular. During the peak of his career, he became one of the highest-paid and most prominent actors of all time. His salary for this popular show was $1million per episode and other actors couldn’t think about getting the same amount. If you want to know more about this talented actor read on below:

Early Life

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Bill Cosby was born on July 12th, 1937 in Philadelphia. He is one of four children of parents named Anna Pearl and Harry Cosby. Bill attended school but couldn’t pass out the grade 10th and at the age of 15 decided to join the navy. When money was an issue he started working as a physical therapist in the Navy and Marine corps. He started working at clubs to earn some amount of money and completed his education by earning a degree in Arts. He is 83 years old and his height is six feet.

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Personal life

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Cosby has been married to his long time love Camille and they have five children together. They had a son named Ennis but he was murdered in 1997 when he was making an attempt for robbery. If we talk about their daughter Ensa she also died of some disease and it was a difficult time for the parents. Cosby has been involved in a lot of sexual assaults and rape cases but some of them have already reached the statute limitations. In September 2018 he was convicted as he again molested a woman who was quite young than him. His personal life has been full of ups and downs due to his sexual assault cases.

Net worth details

Cosby is one of the most prominent and richest actors and comedians of all time. His estimated net worth is $400 million and his long-running show the Cosby is one of his major sources of income. He has also worked in many good television shows while other earnings come from his comedy tours. He also earns well due to the big endorsement deals he has been getting. Bill has earned $300 million from the endorsement deals alone. He lives a lavish life with his wife and kids.

Standup comedy career

Cosby started out his standup comedy career in NYC and went on a tour to explore it even more. When he started touring he got the chance to work for a comedy show known as tonight show and after that such series started coming to him. If this isn’t enough he won his first Grammy for being one of the best comedians of his time. He planned to come with his own show named the Cosby show. The show was a big hit and even got the biggest of ratings. It seems that the critics weren’t really happy with it. He also created and hosted Saturday morning cartoons and made them successful with his innovation.

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