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Best WordPress Plugins To Increase Business Sales In 2022

Having built a fantastic website is a great way to raise awareness and generate traffic to it. But having a website is enough to increase business sales in 2022? Well, the answer is no. A website is just an online store of the actual store that only helps take your business online. It will not guarantee high sales. Therefore after building a great website, the next step is to create awareness and generate traffic to it. High traffic led to better conversions and increased sales. You do not have to limit your reach. Just explore more to reach more potential customers, and for that, SEO optimization is here to help you out.

SEO plays a crucial role in making your WordPress CMS website popular on search engines and helps attract more traffic to your website. Your business will reap the benefits of implementing SEO website marketing strategies later. But how to do that? Well, don’t worry, in this article, we have listed the four best WordPress plugins. With the help of that, you can optimize your website and increase business sales online. Stay tuned!

Benefits of WordPress CMS for designing a website:

  1. Free: WordPress CMS is the most budget-friendly website designing platform. You can use all the features of WordPress CMS for free and explore its advanced features in just dollars. Some WordPress themes are loaded with SEO Perth features and equipped with SEO plugins that help optimize websites for better performance.
  2. Open-source: The source code of WordPress is available for viewing, studying and modifying.
  3. Simplicity: WP is considered easy to learn a logical structure and interface. Suitable for people with no experience. Without programming skills, a person can easily create his website using this CMS.
  4. Lots of themes and plugins: Various themes allow you to create unique projects, and plugins make it possible to optimize work and expand functionality.
  5. Easy installation: Most hosting providers offer to install WP directly from the control panel.
  6. Clear interface: In just a few hours, you will understand the WP control panel – it is logical and understandable.
  7. No SEO issues: Sites developed on WordPress do not have problems with search engine promotion. Of course, if it is done correctly.
  8. Regular updates: WordPress is constantly updated, fixing bugs and vulnerabilities in the system.

Increase Business Sales

Top WordPress Plugins to Optimize Website

1. Yoast SEO

WordPress website is very easy to optimize because it already comes with many SEO features. Still, if you want to maximize its effectiveness, then you can install the Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast plugin’s real-time page analysis feature helps optimize websites to meet search engine ranking factors such as page content, images, meta descriptions and title, relevant keywords, etc. Marketers use Yoast plugins to let Google identify and index your website’s internal pages. With the help of Yoast plugins, you can optimize web page content, blogs, articles, as well as keywords to increase searchability and readability among users. You can check the keywords density, sentence length, paragraphs, SEO-friendly titles, etc., to make content search engine friendly and rankable.

Another exciting feature of Yoast SEO is that you can generate SEO-friendly URLs, create readable XML sitemaps and get finer control over your breadcrumbs. Yoast SEO is constantly updated with new releases, benefiting the websites.

2. WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce is a very popular WordPress plugin among eCommerce sites. It supports more than 30% of online stores and optimizes them to grow and increase sales online. This WordPress plugin not only allows you to calculate shipping and taxes but also allows websites to accept major credit cards, bank transfers, and other online transactions. It will enable users to use cash on delivery options that attract more customers and motivate them to make safe purchase decisions.

Other very innovative features help manage and track orders so that your customer can receive their order quickly on time. WooCommerce has many exciting features that you can use for free, but to enjoy its advanced features, you need to purchase its premium version with more advanced tools such as a one-page checkout and an add-on for cart abandonment emails.

3. SearchWP WordPress Plugin

If you want users to trust your brand and become your loyal customer, offer them what they are searching for. Yes, this is what SearchWP does. It helps users find the content they are searching for online, improving searchability and providing a better user experience. With the help of this plugin, you can allow search engines to crawl your website content and help show results on SERPs whenever any search query is placed, which is a significant improvement on WordPress’ own built-in search tool.

Unfortunately, the search functionality provided by WordPress is not that great. But if you want to give your visitors a decent site search experience, there’s a great free WordPress plugin that can help you.

SearchWP is loaded with a lot of advanced features such as indexing of post titles, descriptions, and keywords, as well as PDF, Office, and text document content. You can use all these SEO optimisation features to make your site visible on search engines and help users find your website attractive.

By enabling its and premium versions, you can give users better results by optimizing website content and by using keywords instead of exact term matches; for example, the search term “bread” will complete with words “toast” and “crumbs”. You can even customize the ranking of your results with SearchWP’s weighting system.

4. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress is an interesting WordPress plugin that helps marketers understand how their website is doing online. It will help track the website overall traffic source, calculate conversion rate, total daily and monthly purchase report, etc. By using WordPress analytics tools, you can manage your website’s errors and fix the flaws that make your website weak. It will help increase your website and quality, improve search engine rankings and boost business sales.

Do you have any favorite SEO plugins listed above or not listed? You can leave a comment below and suggest your favorite.

Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma
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