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Best Skin Care Tips From Dermatologists and Experts

Waking up to flawless skin is out a dream. Men of women of all ages want to look good and the first thing that can help to enhance your beauty is flawless skin. All of us have unique skin and it can be difficult to figure out that which skincare routine suits our skin the best. There are some skincare tips that are suitable for all types of skin types. We will be sharing some of the best skincare tips that are suggested by experts and dermatologists. Read on more to get a glowing and flawless skin.

Use the right cleanser

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Using a cleanser is a must thing to do especially if you regularly use makeup. If you don’t cleanse your face every day it can lead to acne. If you have acne and oily skin then using a cleanser that doesn’t have moisturizers included is the best option. On the contrary, if you have a dry skin you can always use a cleanser that has some oils and moisturizers included.

Don’t use too many products

Using too many skin products at the same time can damage your skin. Each product has different ingredients and if you put a lot of products on your face different products can cause side effects and reactions on your skin. This can lead to the opening of pores and acne. Using too many formulas at the same time can be too harsh for the skin and your skin may start to look dull. The shine and softness of your skin may also go away and your skin will start to break out.

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Moisturize both day and night

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The best time to use moisturizers on your skin is when you get out of the shower and when you are going to bed. You should avoid lotions that have heavy scents and fragrances instead try to look for skin moisturizers that are gentle on the skin.

Don’t touch your face

The dermatologists suggest you to not touch your face all the time. Your hands have bacteria and germs and touching your face too much can spread bacteria and cause breakouts. This can lead to wrinkles and aging early. You might also get scars on your face and the glow on your face will also be gone.

Avoid direct heat exposure

Staying in the sun for prolonged hours can be dangerous for your skin. The UV rays coming from the scorching heat of the sun can cause skin cancer and can also give you a tan. You should also maintain a distance from heaters and fireplaces because this can damage your skin. Your skin will lose all the freshness if you expose yourself in front of the heat too much.

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Maintain a healthy diet

The best tip to get healthy skin is to maintain a healthy diet. Eating walnuts and flax seeds every day can be great for your skin as they help to give a glow to your skin. Walnuts consist of Omega 3 and it boosts the ability to retain moisture in your skin. Consuming healthy fruits like Oranges and Apples can be great for your skin.

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