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Best Netflix Movies To Stream On Valentine’s Day

Are you planning for a perfect Valentine’s day? Every year on Valentine’s, you want to celebrate the day with your partner and surprise him/her. This year due to the pandemic you can relax at home and watch romantic movies’ with your partner at home. A comfy in-house date with a rom-com movie series still would be ideal this year. We have listed down some amazing romantic movies that you watch with your partner this Valentine’s day.

The Notebook

If you have already seen this film, then you know that this movie has a repeat value. The Notebook(2004) has an incredible plot and the dramatic turn of events get you involved in the movie. The story features a young couple and their hot and passionate romance. The film starts in a room where an old man reads a story to a lady patient. Noah Calhoun is a mill worker, and Allison Hamilton(Allie) is a rich man from an upper-class family. They fall for each other and that happens to be love at first sight. Social status becomes a hindrance in their romance.

The big sick

If you want to enjoy a love story, then The Big Sick is a great movie. This is a rom-com movie and you will experience all kinds of emotions. There are love, rejection, laughter, passion, and all you need in a movie. The lead character Kumail is an uber driver, and Emily is a psychology student. They belong to different cultural background and that cause some problems. Kumail’s parents disapprove of his love affair, and his parent leaves him. Emily suffers from an illness and goes into a coma. Emily’s parents kick Kumail out, but he persists to stay.

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To all the boys, I have loved before

to all the boys i have loved before

The movie is based on the book trilogy titled, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved.” The plot is about high school romance. The story is about a girl, Lara Jean who hides her feelings from the boys that she likes or had a crush on since she is an introverted person. She writes a letter to all the boys she likes but never posts them. Her secret gets revealed, and the letters get public. Her sister Kitty mails the letters to the respective guys.

50 first dates

The movie stars Adam Sandler(Henry) and Drew Barrymore(Lucy). The romantic drama film follows the story of two characters who fall in love. Henry is a womanizer and he comes across Lucy, who is a resident in his old hometown.  He starts to show interest in her but doesn’t know about her condition. Lucy has a short-term memory loss and doesn’t remember that she met him the previous day.

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Set it up

Set It Up is a romantic drama that gives out a message that love should not be forced. The plot revolves around 4 characters. Harper and Charlie, meet each other while picking dinner for their bosses. Harper and Charlie become friends and share their life with each other. Charlie mentions that their bosses should date so that they give them less work. They agree with each other to set their bosses up.

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