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Best data recovery tool: EaseUS Data recovery software

In this digital era, data becomes an integral part of any business. Losing important data due to system failures or hardware related issues can be risky at times. That is why we need data recovery software that can allow us to recover lost data in the original format if they are accidently deleted or have become inaccessible due to USB drives’ malfunctioning. EaseUS data recovery software is the all-in-one data recovery software that allows you to recover lost or deleted files from a computer or device easily. This software is compatible with windows as well as ios platform. The software for windows and Mac operating systems is available on its official site. Let us check the most significant features of this free data recovery software.

  • Recover accidently deleted files:-Sometimes, we delete the files from our computer using the delete button or shift + delete button and lose the file permanently. But not many of us know that these files can also be restored using EaseUS data recovery software. We can recover the files with the original format without any change at all.
  • Recovery of Data lost during partition: – Partition is done for improving the performance of the computers. However, it can cause the loss of important files. If some crucial files are deleted during drives’ partitions, it can be recovered easily by Ease US data recovery Wizard.
  • Recovery of deleted files from formatted device:- Many times, we format our hard disk or pen drive for making extra space for other files. However, this process often results in losing the file format and original formats due to compression. These files become inaccessible on the device, and hence we need software to recover these lost files from formatted devices like pen drives or hard drives.
  • Recovery of infected files:- Sometimes, due to a virus attack, the files become inaccessible on our device. That is why we need data recovery software that can recover these infected files easily. Ease Us is the best data recovery software that can recover the original format of files when any virus did not infect it.

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What makes the Ease US Data recovery tool better than others?

  • Faster scanning of files:-As soon as we launch this software, the scanning of files starts, and it can automatically detect any storage device like USB. Users can easily select the drive for which they need the data recovery of files. The software uses optimized lines of codes that execute faster on any operating system, whether it is Mac or Windows operating system.
  • Best photo and video repairing software:-Many times, due to virus attack, photos and videos are corrupted, and they become inaccessible on our devices. Sometimes we change the file’s resolution during compression of files, which can lose the standard quality of video files. Using the Ease US Data recovery tool, we can easily repair photos or videos.
  • User-friendly environment:- Unlike other data recovery tools that require complex procedures for installation EaseUS data recovery tool is user-friendly. It can be used for data recovery from mac as well as Windows computers.
Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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