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Axie Infinity: Bird, Plant, Beast Guide Beginner to Advanced

Beasts are strong against Reptile, Plant and Dusk and weak against Aquatic, Bird and Dawn.

Animals are strong against reptiles, plant and disc, and weak against aquatic, bird and dawn.

The base stats of a Beast class Axie are:

  • HP: 31
  • Speed: 35
  • Skill: 31
  • Morale: 43

The Beast class Axie is the highest in Morale. Morale increases critical hit chance and last stand turns. The second highest stat is speed, but a lot of classes have more base speed: Bird, Aquatic, Dusk & Mech. The Reptile and Dawn class Axies have the same speed as Beasts.

Each Beast card will give +1 Speed and +1 Morale to the Axies total stats.


A Beast is used as a damage dealer (DD) or support/utility type Axie. The Beast class has a lot of cards that can be very disruptive to the enemy team by gaining and destroying Energy. They can also be a pure damage dealing back-liner, with cards like ‘Dual Strike’.


The support Beast is used to gain and destroy Enemy. The cards that are used to do this are:

Card Cost Damage Shield Description
Goda (Piercing Sound) 1 80 40 Destroy 1 of your opponent’s Energy.
Rice (Night Steal) 1 80 10 Steal 1 energy from your opponent when comboed with another card.
Cottontail (Luna Absorb) 0 0 0 Gain 1 Energy
Imp (Ivory Stab) 1 70 20 Gain 1 Energy per critical strike dealt by your team this round.

The ‘Imp (Ivory Stab)’ card can be used in combination with ‘Ronin (Single Combat)’, which is a guaranteed critical strike when comboed with at least 2 other cards. The combination of Imp and Ronin does require you to get a good sequence when drawing cards, otherwise it can be underwhelming.

pure support build has all of these cards: Ronin, Goda, Imp & Cottontail. This build is referred to as Support RIMP.

pure support build

This build offers a lot of support/utility, because of the energy gain from Imp and Cottontail. It disrupts the enemy’s gameplay with the use of Goda. The guaranteed critical strikes from Ronin give this Axie a high damage output card, where it would otherwise be lacking in damage.


Support cards can also be mixed with damage cards for a more hybrid build. I consider it a hybrid build when 2 or more cards offer utility/support and have a lower damage output (below 100).

The first build that is shown below is with Goda and Rice being used to disrupt enemy gameplay and Risky Beast + Dual Blade for high damage output. Risky Beast and Dual Blade both have high base damage and decent shield stats. Dual Blade has the highest damage potential in the game. If you manage to land a crit, it is almost always a guaranteed kill.

The other build is the Nutcracker RIMP (Ronin + Imp), which uses the combination of Ronin and Imp to gain energy. The combination of Imp and Ronin does require you to get a good sequence when drawing cards, otherwise it can be underwhelming.

hybrid build

Damage Dealer (DD)

Pure damage Beasts are positioned in the middle or the back of the team. They go in the back unless you have another pure damage Axie in your team that is lower on defense/higher on speed (or any other reason you might want it to live longer). To add utility they often still have either Goda or Rice.

If you encounter the first build that is shown below, make sure you don’t let it drop to low health! If you are going to try to kill this Axie, make SURE you can kill it. This is because of the combination Axie Kiss (Death Mark) and Dual Blade (Sinister Strike). If this Axie is left below 30% health it will apply ‘Lethal’ to its target. Lethal allows for the next attack to be a guaranteed critical strike, which will be used in combination with Dual Blade (Sinister Strike). If this Axie enters last stand it will always strike first, because of Jaguar (Nitro Leap).

The second build has cards that have high base damage, but also give a decent amount of shield. The combination of the cards shown below will give the Axie 115 shield. The highest amount of shield would be 2x Goda and 2x Hare, giving a total of 140 shield.

Pure damage Beasts

Creating your own build

Here are some tips if you are interested in creating your own Beast build:

  • Consider the fact that this is an Axie with high MORALE: high chance of critical strikes and last stand turns.
  • Beasts are low on HP, which makes them easy to kill. Especially by Aquatic and Bird Axies.
  • Use the beast to destroy/steal energy! This is what they excel at.
  • It might be worth considering getting Bird or Aquatic eyes or ears for the extra speed. This ensures you go first against other Beasts & Reptiles. This does not work for every build! If your goal is to destroy/steal energy, or you are purely focussed on high crit potential, then stick to Beast eyes and ears.
  • Zero cost cards, like Cottontail (Luna Absorb) & Confident (Self Rally), can be used to remove stuns.
  • Adjust to the rest of your team. If your other Axies lack in support/utility cards, then consider going with a Support RIMP. If your other Axies lack in damage, then go for a build with high damage output.

Buying links

Below are the buying links to the Beast builds that are featured in this post. Note that breed count is set to 0-1.

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