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How To Get Cheaper Auto Insurance For College Students 2020

College students are amongst the most costly drivers to provide car insurance too. College students are inexperienced and fatigued most of the time. This often leads to fender benders or sometimes even ghastlier accidents. This is the reason it is so important to opt for an auto insurance policy, which efficiently provides comprehensive coverage. Teens usually have higher rates of premiums because of their inexperienced hand behind the wheel.

A survey shows that the number one cause of death for teens is automobile accidents. The number of fatalities and injuries caused annually by automobile accidents is 3,000 and 45,000 respectively. Moreover, money is usually tight. A bigger premium charged to a person often makes the overall payment feel even larger.

Follow the tips to get cheap rates for auto insurance for college students:

Auto insurance for College Students

Good grades:

Many auto insurance companies usually provide discounts on auto insurance for college students possessing good grades. Depending on the company, you are likely to get up to 10% discount on the premium rates up to the age of 25 if your college grades are kept up. However, all companies do not provide these discounts, hence estimating which company, do not provide this is best for you before deciding on one requires research and thorough comparative study.

Safe driving:

Insurance companies will provide you with an additional discount if you have a clean record of speeding tickets, accidents, and other legal issues. Some insurance companies may provide up to a 45% discount for college students with a clean sheet.

Defensive driving:

Taking a defensive driving course will prove your reliability to the insurance companies. Auto insurance companies offer a 10 % discount for students with a safe driving course. The class may be expensive, but you can save a lot of money in the end.

Keep to your parent’s policy:

If you stay on your parent’s insurance plan, you will likely get a cheaper premium rate. By rule, you are allowed to stay on the auto insurance policy of your parents, until you do not move outside the house. Staying on the college campus is considered a temporary residence.

Anti-theft system:

Anti-theft systems installed in your car also lead to cheaper premium rates. Based on the location of your car, the insurance company will decide upon your discount.

How much you will drive:

If you keep your car at home and go away for college to inform your insurance company, your car insurance rates are sure to drop by at least 30 % if you do not use your car. If you are driving it back and forth from college, it is more likely that you will have an accident.

Use a used car:

Cars, which are used, are cheaper to insure. If you use a reliable family SUV or a sedan as compared to a sports car or a convertible, you are sure to get cheaper insurance rates.

Before getting car insurance, you must get quotes from various companies. Ask around for special discounts for auto insurance for college students. Read up on information regarding loans for college students online before deciding on a particular insurance company.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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