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Top 3 Android Games for Flower Lovers

There are many superhero games that are dominating the world of gamers but florists or people who are in love with the beauty of flowers don’t play any of these games. The best part is that there are some wonderful games available for flower lovers. Mobile games are available in variety and farmers and flower lovers can enjoy playing games that are based on nature. There is a particular niche about flower games available on the android play store and some of the prominent games are mentioned below

Flower Tycoon: Grow Blooms in Your Greenhouse

Flower Tycoon is a game by Vesta Soft. In this game, you are in charge of a massive and beautiful garden in a greenhouse setting. You will perform the duties of a florist, a designer, and a seller. You will also take full responsibility to arrange the flower garden.  You will be given the opportunity to design the bouquet of red flowers and then you will be selling them to the customers. You will set up and arrange your own shop and will be given the challenge to earn money and earn the trust and respect of the customers. What is best about this android game is that you can close the shop and begin playing from where you stopped if you are busy and can’t play the game on a regular basis.

When you close the shop you don’t have to take orders and perform tasks. You can start again anytime you want without having to worry about the tasks and challenges of the game. The only downside about this game is that there are many ads in the game that pop up and intrude you while you are watering the plants. You will have to make an in-game purchase and on this condition, the ads will finally disappear.

Flower match Master

If you don’t want to be a virtual florist and are looking for some other flower games then Flower match master is the best choice for you. You will get the opportunity to match flowers in this interesting and fun game. The puzzle game is addictive and come with a lot of interesting surprises. The game has thousands of levels and various combos are available to make the game interesting and fun. At the end of every level you are given a score and some achievement stars. The game is hard and users claim that it is hard to make high scores on some of the levels of the game. The game is super easy to play and if you are bored you just have to download it and can start playing it immediately. You can take days off and come back to the game anytime without having to worry that you have to water your plants.

Garden Guru for adults and kids

Garden Guru is an interesting and fun game that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. The game offers classy cartoon graphics and you can create your own oasis. You have to build your own botanic garden and decorate it with exotic flowers and plants. You will have to explore your creative side and will also have to create a flower shop. You will create a flower shop of your own and the flowers will be taken from your own flower garden. You can enjoy growing your flowers and maintain your garden or choose the option to create a flower shop and sell your flowers. It is a fun and entertaining game and you also have the chance to send flowers virtually to your friends.

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