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Anderson Silva Net Worth, Personal Life, Career & More

Anderson Silva is a Brazilian mixed martial artist and he is known for his great fighting skills. Many fans know him by the name of ‘’the spider’’ as he delivers back to back great performances. Today he is one of the most successful and prominent martial artists and it is hard for others to compete with him. The surprising thing is that he has held the title of UFC Middleweight Title for a long time. Other martial artists couldn’t think of holding the same title. He is considered one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. Let’s take a look at more details regarding his personal and professional life.

Early Life


Anderson Silva was born on April 14th, 1975 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Many people were surprised to know that he is not from an affluent background and had to work hard for a living. He was raised by his uncle and aunt. Since his childhood, he was interested in sports and the first thing he learned was Jiu-Jitsu with other kids in his neighborhood. Before becoming one of the most prominent fighters of today he worked in McDonald’s to earn a living. He started learning capoeira, muay, Thai, and taekwondo and gained perfection in the field.

Personal Life

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The name of Anderson’s wife is not revealed in the media. He got married to his long-term love and they both have five children together. Anderson has got a lot of passion for comic books. He is a humble person in real life and even though many believe that he is the best in his fights. Anderson feels that the honor should go to B.J.Penn who is also his best friend. He is 45 years old currently and his height is six feet and two inches.

Net worth

The total net worth of Anderson happens to be $8 million. His major source of income comes from a martial arts career. Apart from that, he has been endorsing a lot of prominent brands that include Burger King. He also sponsored Nike before getting signed for UFC. Many were surprised to know that he has also endorsed many sports marketing companies.

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Anderson entered the Martial arts field and took part in this first tournament in Brazil. He won his first fight in 1997 and since then there is no looking back. His first-ever loss in the game happened in 2000 but it gave him more inspiration to do better and won the next nine fights. Things became brighter for him when he defeated a Japanese Fighter. He also won against Carlos Newton and Alex Stiebling that lead to even a more bright future. He later signed up with UFC and kept making records year by year.

The first knockout victory against Chris Leben happened in just 49 seconds. Anderson is a legendary fighter and to reach his caliber the opponent has to work hard. In 2010 he got into some controversy and criticized his opponent due to which his fans were also against him. Apart from a few ups and downs, he has led a professional fighting career well.

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