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All You Need To Know About Jimmy Uso’s DUI Arrest

New details are coming in about the DUI arrest of Jimmy USO as the police have released a report. Jimmy was arrested on Monday night in Pensacola, Florida while he was stopped by the police when he ran away from the red light. He was speeding his car more than usual and failed the test of sobriety at the police station. However, he was bailed the very next morning. Pensacola police officer William Roper was patrolling around the area of Garden and I Streets when he witnessed this. The white Dodge Charger of Jimmy was traveling to the east in the inner lane. Here are more details regarding this story:

How did Jimmy USO get arrested?

Jimmy 2

As Jimmy got arrested on the spot the police officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from him. When he stepped out of the car police officer asked if has consumed alcohol or not. It is reported that he consumed multiple beers. The officer also asked jimmy to submit the sobriety tests but that turned out to be positive. He was in so much intoxication that he couldn’t keep his head still. There have been multiple signs of nystagmus or involuntary eye movement.

Jimmy couldn’t even balance himself well due to which the test was also difficult to perform. The one-legged stand test was a lot more difficult than before as he was not able to maintain his balance. His fans have been disappointed to know that it is the second DUI charge for him in the last two years. There are similar charges placed for him in July 2019 but the jury found him not guilty. Even then the police had a video of him driving under the influence of alcohol and later arrested.

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What are the charges pressed against Jimmy USO?

As Jimmy failed the test he was immediately under arrest for DUI. The police officer in charge asked him to submit a Breathalyzer test. It will also determine the alcohol content in his body but he didn’t want to give an answer. However, with his consent, he agreed to give the breath test. Jimmy was then shifted to the Pensacola Police Department. There were other officers who concluded the breath test. He blew a .202 and a .205 that is above the limit of exceeding alcohol.

Jimmy got was charged with a DUI citation along with traffic citations as he was speeding and running from the red light. Due to illegal parking, his car was taken away and secured by police. The police offers took him to the Escambia County Jail and were bailed out the next morning. He has to pay an amount of $500 for the bond. The body camera and in-car camera from the police department were activated fully and keeping him monitored.

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