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All You Need To Know About COVID 19 and Health Insurance Plans

The COVID 19 pandemic hit the world and left everyone in a terrible spot. Numerous people across the world lost their lives. Others lost their livelihoods and faced tremendous amounts of problems. The medical fraternity was also caught unaware and so the health facilities were not quite there initially. But with time, the treatment was formulated and people started receiving the right kind of care. The treatment for COVID is expensive and so everyone needs a health insurance cover. Thankfully, the IRDA stepped in and instructed all the health insurance providers to offer dedicated COVID health insurance plans. As a result, the Corona Kavach Policy is available from practically every large Indian insurance company. Read in to know more about this very essential health cover, what it covers and how to get your hands on it.

What is the COVID 19 health cover all about?

The IRDA has advised the health insurance providers to extend a COVID protection cover under all the regular comprehensive family floater and individual health insurance plans. This apart, there are dedicated health plans available just offering Corona covers. These plans are available for short durations of time, the maximum being about 9 months. They cover all expenses incurred when getting treated for COVID 19.

This is a very important cover to have. The COVID 19 treatment costs are very high and the treatment can be very prolonged as well. In the absence of a good insurance cover, you may really have to struggle to get the money needed for the treatment. Avoid being in such a situation by buying a good coronavirus health plan from running a quick and free online comparison between the options.

What is covered under a COVID 19 health insurance cover?

Let us take a detailed look at the covers available under the Corona health insurance policies:

  • Inpatient care –
    The plans pay for all the hospitalisation costs. When you are admitted to the hospital, the bill comprises pharmacy costs, doctors fees, nursing charges, oxygen charges, etc. Every cost, apart from the deductible component, is borne by the insurance provider when you require hospitalization due to COVID 19 complications.
  • Room rent and ICU costs –
    The room rent charge and also the ICU charges are covered under the corona health insurance plans.
  • Quarantine care –
    In most cases, COVID patients do not need to go to the hospital. They can recover at home while remaining quarantined in isolation. All expenses related to the home quarantine care, such as doctors fees and medicine costs are covered under the COVID 19 health insurance plans.
  • Medicine costs –
    You can expect to get compensated for all the medical bills you gather during the treatment of COVID 19.

These are the main covers available under the COVID 19 health care plans. Get a good policy and keep yourself and your family members secured because no one knows when COVID can strike.

COVID 19 health insurance cover

What is not covered under s COVID 19 health insurance cover?

Now, let us quickly glance over the exclusions of the COVID 19 health insurance covers:

  • OPD costs –
    OPD costs are not included in the COVID 19 health plans. This is because the cover is specifically available for the care of coronavirus and visiting a doctor in the OPD for any other reason is not covered here.
  • Daycare procedures –
    Daycare procedures that are not related to the COVID 19 condition are permanently excluded from the coronavirus health insurance policies of almost every health insurance company.
  • Surgeries –
    Again, surgeries are not required in the treatment of coronavirus and this is the reason why you cannot make a claim for any surgical procedure under a COVID 19 health insurance plan.
  • Accidents and injuries –
    Accidents and injuries that are related to COVID 19 need separate treatment procedures. Subsequently, they do not qualify for a COVID 19 health insurance coverage and are hence excluded from these plans.

Basically, any medical cost that doesn’t involve a COVID complication is not covered under a Coronavirus health insurance policy.

How can I buy a COVID 19 health insurance plan?

It is quite simple to buy a COVID 19 health insurance plan. Since all insurers are selling these policies, you can get the cover through any insurance company of your choice. The plans are easily available online and you can buy them instantly, without having to undergo a pre-policy health screening. Ed between 18 years and 65 years can buy this health cover.

Go for it!

Go for a COVID health insurance plan as the cover brings forth many advantages. Unfortunately, the world is going through a difficult time and no one knows when this problem will get resolved. Everyone should do their part and try to stay as safe as possible. Buying a COVID 19 health insurance cover allows you to recover properly if the pandemic strikes you. So just go for it and get a good corona health policy today.

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