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Alice In Borderland, Netflix Original Announces Second Season

Alice in Borderland is a must-watch series for all gore lovers. All the fans will be happy to know that it is coming back with season two. The series is a Netflix original and it transports the characters into a new world altogether. There are some wishes that the little kid Arisu has and he is excited to be a part of this new world. However, there are many twists as he doesn’t realize that this new world is a death trap. Alice in Borderland is a much-loved series and seeing the demand it has to come back for a new season. Here is all you need to know.

Is there a new season of Alice in Borderland coming up?

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Netflix has made an announcement that Alice in Borderland is coming up with a new season. The series is rather sprinkled with death and suspense in every episode. The deaths are plotted with a cunning scheme and the twists are placed all over the series. You will be surprised to see that the series has a set of death game survival. The graphic scenes are perfect and it is a visual delight. Alice in borderland has an interesting story as the little kid Arisu transports into a new world with their friends. It seems like a wonderland to all of them but in actual it is a death trap.

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What is the plot of Alice in Borderland season two?

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Alice in Borderland seasons two and Netflix Japan has recently released a new short promotional clip for the same. All the fans are delighted to check it out and it is a live-action series. The first season of the series was released earlier this month and the second season will continue the story and plot. The short trailer of the series is so interesting but informative at the same time.

There is a card that is shown in the trailer and it flips around and shows number two. You will be delighted that is what you can see in the whole trailer. The series has also been adapted for many spin-offs and a three-episode OVA. There is a total of 14 volumes of the Manga that are impressive too.

When will Alice in Borderland season two releases on Netflix?

The first season of Alice in Borderland was released on Netflix on 10th December 2020 with eight episodes. The new season will be releasing at the start of next year. Each of the episodes runs for about 50 minutes and is full of all entertainment. The cast from previous seasons will be coming back for the new season while the crew will also be the same.

Alice in borderland is a Manga that has done great in terms of ratings. There are various spin-offs that the Manga adaptations can take place. You will be surprised to know that the series has many spin-offs and all are impressive. Daiya no King, Alice on Border Road, Alice in Borderland Retry are the spin-offs from the original Manga.

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