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Alessandra Ambrosio Net Worth, Personal Life & Career

Alessandra Ambrosio is a top Brazilian model and she has become one of the most prominent models of her time. Her most noteworthy has been working for Victoria Secret. She has also been chosen to become the first spokesperson of the popular PINK line company. She is complimented for her good looks and body and her source of income has always been consistent. There are many fans who don’t know much about her so we have everything covered.

How was the early life of Alessandra?

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Alessandra born on 11th April 1981 and she is 39 years old currently. Her height is 5 feet and nine inches that is a perfect height for all the models. She was born and brought up in Brazil. She is a fitness freak and keeps herself fit all this while. There are many fans who would like to get some fitness tips from her as she looks young and beautiful. She is of mixed background as his parents are from Italian and polish background.

Her parent’s names are Lucilda and Luiz Ambrosio while she has got one sister. Alessandra wanted to be a fashion model since her young age and when she first started she was chosen among the top 20 finalists. The national competition for modeling that was held in Brazil gave her a good platform to start her career and then there was no looking back.

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Real Estate and Net worth

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The estimated net worth of Alessandra is $80 million and she loves to lead a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. In 2012 she spent $6.5 million on purchasing a home in California. She lives in a big mansion with her kids and also loves to spend time with her parents. She is one of the sexiest women, as many people always compliment her. She was also chosen as one of the most beautiful people by a popular magazine in 2007.

Personal Life

Alessandra was in a serious relationship with a businessman named Jamie Mazur. They got engaged as well but didn’t get to marry as they broke up after a few years of relationship. The couple is blessed with a daughter and son but their relationship couldn’t sustain. In recent years she is dating another businessman named Nicolo Oddi.

Modeling career

The modeling career of Alessandra has always been rocking. She was fortunate enough to get good offers from various brands. It helped her earn a big amount of money. She has been a permanent model for Victoria’s secret and in 2011 she was a part of it even while she was pregnant with her second child. She wore one of the heaviest wings that weighed around 30lbs. Her career graph as a model was always good as her competitors were far away from her.

In 2012 she got the chance to become a part of the summer Olympics which gave her more name and fame. Alessandra represented the Brazil background quite well and VS fashion show was another big mark in her career. She appeared in one of the most famous magazines like GQ and became the top model instantly.

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