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Alec Baldwin Net Worth, Career Highlights, Salary & More

Alec Baldwin is a popular American actor who has a huge net worth. He has contributed to the entertainment industry in many ways. Alec happens to be one of the most prominent, influential, and respected figures in the acting industry. You will not be surprised to know that he has stunning credits from the production of TV and film productions. He has also won several awards and respected among fans and critics too. We have gathered all information about Alec so keep checking the details below.

Early Life and Bio

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Alexander Rae was born on 3rd April 1958 in, New York. He has got three brothers and two sisters and some of them are actors. All the children have a very good background and they are raised in a Roman Catholic background. While he was in high school he gained a lot of interest in football. He attended George Town University and later transferred to New York for polishing his acting skills. Being a bright child he always focused on his studies and joined a famous organization with actors. He is 62 years old currently while his height is six feet.

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Career Highlights

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Alec was interested in both football and acting since he was a child. However, he pursued acting as a career. He started his career with the soap opera the doctors and he appeared on it for about two years. Later he made a theater debut with the knots landing but apart from that, he kept the TV career going. Whenever a good role used to come his way he grabbed the opportunity. He starred in the mini-series Dress Gray and got even more fame. If this isn’t enough his rising popularity made him take film roles too. When he appeared in Gateaway and the shadow and both became huge box office success. The shadow made a box office business of $48 million. Here are the names of film and TV series below:

TV shows

  • 30 Rocks
  • Saturday night live
  • The Alec Baldwin show
  • Knots Landing
  • Thomas and friends
  • The Simpsons


  • Beetle juice
  • The hunt for Red October
  • It’s complicated
  • The boss baby
  • Glengarry Glen Ross
  • The departed
  • Rise of guardians
  • The aviator

Personal life

Alec met his wife and long time lover Kim Basinger on the sets of ‘The marrying Man’. They both got married in 1993 and are blessed with one child. The couple got separation in 2000 and they even fought for the custody of the child. The custody battle went on for years and the couple has to spend a combined $3 million on all the legal fees. He started dating Hilaria Thomas who is a yoga instructor. The new couple got married and has about four children together.

Net Worth and Charity work

The total net worth of Alec happens to be around $60 million. The annual salary remains to be high as he used to get $300 thousand per episode. If we talk about his personal life he is very down to earth. He is giving a lot of commitment to his charity and likes to help people. He loves to lead a lavish lifestyle and owns a huge collection of cars.

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