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Adrien Broner Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, Age & More

Adrien Broner is an American professional boxer who has become very popular due to his skills. He holds multiple world championship titles and that too in four different weight classes. He has got a huge fan following and considered one of the best pound-for-pound boxers on the planet. Adrien got global fame very quickly but his life outside the ring has been reckless. He got into many controversies and legal issues but still got success in his professional life.

Early Life

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Adrien was born on July 28th, 1989 in Ohio. When he turned six he started learning how to box because he had all the skills. While growing up in Ohio he had to go through a lot of rough days as things were not really bright. He invested his time in learning to box which kept him away from all the vices. If it wasn’t boxing he would have been involved in dangerous street gangs. He didn’t have much support from his parents as they didn’t want him to become a boxer. Adrien still went ahead with his vision and got success. He is 31 years old currently while his height is five feet and six inches.

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Adrien started his career in boxing when he was young. Fortunately, due to his talent, he got an impressive record of 300 wins and 19 losses. Even though he was not very old in the game he was beating some of the biggest names in boxing. Allante Davis, David Warren Huffman, and Ramon Flores were knocked out by him and he completed the year without any loss.

There are not many players who have a track record like him. All these years especially 2009 was the one where he made many records in a row. You will be surprised to know that he also won the WBO Super Featherweight World title which is a big achievement. He has beaten DeMarco who was one of the most prominent boxers of that time. Adrien kept getting one victory over the other and that’s why he reached such a high in his career.

Real Estate, Net Worth and Boxing earnings

In 2018 April Adrien got the chance to earn $1million for a fight against Jessie Vargas. The match ended in a controversy with a draw. During this time his popularity was on a high and he used to get regular bonuses too. When he had a fight with Manny Pacquiao he got a payment of $2.5 million. The total net worth of Adrien is $6 million while he has got a big mansion in Atlanta. His fans were delighted when he decided to show his house to all the fans. It was a grand tour where they could see every belonging in the house.

Legal Issues

When things were going so smoothly professionally Adrien got into few legal issues too. He was charged for choking a waitress in the restaurant and it turned into a big mess. When he didn’t appear in court he was arrested for this malpractice. In 2018 there was another incident where he assaulted women. His fans weren’t happy with the way he was behaving in real life.

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