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Abyss Rage Manga Climax, Plot, Characters & Other Updates

Abyss Rage is a beautiful Manga with the most amazing characters. Fans are sad as the Manga will be reaching its ending very soon. Many of them are discussing how the climax will turn out to be or what big twists have been planned in the story. The official twitter of the Manga series have has stated that the series will be available in the English version very soon while you can already get it with English Subtitles on many platforms. We have gathered all the important updates about the Manga so let’s catch up with all the details.

What is the plot of Abyss Rage?

abyss rage 2

The story of Abyss rage follows a very unique concept as it forces every person to believe that being blind can be very tough. People who have eyesight cannot even think how difficult this situation can be. Darkness can hinder every task they try in their lifetime however if we look at the lead character Shinobu he has turned this weakness into the biggest strength. He tries hard to protect the love of his life Mikoto and dojo where he will be the next successor. The best thing about the character of Shinobu is that he tries hard to sharpen his other senses as he can’t see with his eyes. His character gives us an inspiration which is quite appreciating for everyone. Although his reasons to live are gone in a second he still tries hard to protect what he has. Anyways we will wait and see how the story reaches towards the climax.

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What can we expect for the climax of Abyss Rage?abyss rage 3

In the last chapter of Abyss rage, we saw Chief Magami giving his blessings to the love life of Shinobu and his lady love. He firmly believes that Shinobu has all the qualities a lover should have and the way he protects his life is commendable. They are in true love but Chief Magami still has some doubts in his heart. The next twist arrives when we see Kashiwagi entering the prison and he is there to report Magami about the happening around them. They know that no prisoners will be able to fight back except Shinobu.

The climax looks promising as Shinobu will be fighting against all the prisoners including the chief. A very long and drawn out fight sequence can be witnessed by all the fans and it is something we haven’t seen before. At the end of all these happenings, Chief will finally understand that the love between the lead characters is out of this world. If you want to know more about the climax you can go to the official twitter page made by the makers of this Manga.

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Who is the author of Abyss rage and when will the last chapter release?

The author of Abyss rage is Narita and it has been illustrated or developed by Nariaki. It will be published by Shueisha’s website in the section of the Shonen Jump Plus web service. The release date will be somewhere in the next week and you can enjoy the climax by then. The scenes where the lead guy prepares for the martial arts training have been loved by the audience and the long fight sequence will surely be a treat for us.

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