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7 Ideas for Making Your Bidet Fit Seamlessly into Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is an important area of your residence and should be well-equipped for efficiency. It’s no wonder that in these times of modernity, there is an overwhelming desire for fancy new gadgets that can improve upon this simple pleasure. A bidet is a modern innovation bowl or receptacle designed to be sat on to clean the genitals, perineum, and anus by spraying water, often in addition to using toilet paper. Installing a bidet can be an extremely affordable investment for a significant bathroom overhaul.

1. Choose a Bidet With a Design That Fits Your Style

There are many different styles of bidets on the market today, from pedestal-mounted to wall-hung and everything in between. Always consider your style in picking the perfect bidet for you. The bidet kit for toilet seat will likely be your primary focus while deciding what style is best. Consider looking at the bathroom’s surroundings, such as the style of toilet seat you already have or even the tiles on the walls.

2. Make Sure It Has a Safety Cover

Finding a product without safety covers is nearly impossible, so this should be considered before purchasing it. The best bidet designs have water inlets covered by rubber tubes, and they all have rubber seals around the spray nozzle and water outlet. The bidet will be safe as long as you keep it covered.

3. Consider the Drain Holes or Outlet

Ensure you know where the water outlets are on the bidet and that they are large enough to accommodate your plumbing. The bidet is not designed to replace toilet paper completely, so it works better when there is room for both uses combined.

4. Look at the Length of the Electrical Cord

The cable length for this electronic device depends on your design and the bathroom size. Ensure the bidet toilet seat has enough room to reach the outlet in your bathroom and stay within reach while using it.

5. Take Into Account The Design Of The Toilet Seat

It would be best to decide whether you want your bidet to fit with or work independently of your toilet seat. You will undoubtedly require a toilet seat that is compatible with this device. Unfortunately, this means that you will likely be unable to remove the entire commode and replace it with a bidet. The other option is usually an integrated unit, which makes it easier to attach to the existing toilet but may not be suitable for some designs.

6. Try To Locate One With a Self-Cleaning Feature

There are some bidets out there that have some level of self-cleaning capabilities. These are the ones that spray water and then close and reopen automatically once they are adequately filled with hot water and have reached the proper temperature. Some will pour water at a setting higher than 120 degrees, which is the typical temperature for maintaining good hygiene, then they will turn it off after they have cooled to the proper temperature.

7. Make Sure It Has a Water Pressure Regulator

It can be extremely important when installing a bidet in your bathroom. You want the water to come out of the faucet at a reasonable speed for optimal effect. Look for one with a water pressure regulator and an on/off switch. The switch makes it easy to turn the bidet off while getting in or out of the bathtub or changing clothes, so you can avoid messing up your clothes.

Bottom Line

You must install the bidet into an existing toilet seat by drilling or cutting holes in the toilet seat and securing the bidet with bolts. If there isn’t an existing hole for the bidet, you can use an adjustable adhesive nozzle for fast mounting. Consider replacing your toilet seat with a universal or fully integrated unit. A bidet is an excellent investment for your bathroom to make it modern and more hygienic. A high-quality bidet makes your bathroom more stylish, enjoyable, and clean.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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