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5 Ways to Improve Your Business Packaging

Unless you’re an e-commerce brand focusing entirely on digital products, the odds are your company uses packaging. The question is whether it’s the right type for your needs.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, exploring ways to get the best packaging options for your business and customers makes sense. 

According to Mordor Intelligence, the U.S. packaging industry was worth an estimated $193.31 billion in 2023. It could grow at a 3,97% compound annual growth rate to reach $234.85 billion by 2028. 

If your business already has the right packaging solutions, great. But if there’s room for improvement, consider these five ways to improve product packaging.

  1. Window Patching

If you sell products in packaging that customers may wish to see before buying, window patching makes sense. Window patching equipment adds a see-through film patch over a window or cut out on the packaging. Rather than replace your packaging, you can use a window patching solution to add functionality to the packaging you already have. 

You can use it for RFID insertion, integrated label and card production, and in-line window patching for folding cartons. Going this route could make sense if you sell baked goods, toys, or other things that customers may wish to see before buying. A window patching machine will ensure they can glimpse the product without opening the box to do so.

  1. Choose the Right Material

One way to improve your company’s packaging is to ensure you have the correct material. Perhaps you selected the packaging you use because of the price point. But it makes sense to ensure it aligns with your brand, message, and target demographic. 

If you sell products to consumers who view environmental stewardship seriously, you might turn them off if you don’t offer sustainable green packaging that won’t jeopardize the environment. Your customers will expect packaging that supports your corporate responsibility, and they may take their patronage elsewhere if your packaging isn’t green enough for their tastes.

  1. Use Color

According to studies, 90% of someone’s first impression stems from color, and color can boost by 80% brand awareness and recognition. Consider, too, that more than nine in 10 consumers — 93% — make buying decisions based on vision alone. And 85% of people say color is the primary reason they select a specific product. So, the packaging color can help close the deal.  Knowing your customer base at a granular level will help you choose the right colors.

  1. Keep Things Simple

Sometimes, it’s best to prioritize simplicity. A lot will depend on the product and the audience. If, after careful deliberation, you believe that simplicity is the best move for your packaging, you can aim for a simpler and more streamlined approach. Doing too much on the packaging front can confuse or overwhelm someone who already knows what they want.

  1. Consider the Interior

Another way to improve your company’s packaging is to consider the interior of the packaging. Depending on what you sell, the interior of your packaging may benefit from improvements. You might sell products like, say, perfume or watches. The last thing you need is for the product to roll around inside the box. But if you have the correct interior, the product will stay in place. So, the interior of your packaging can be just as vital as the exterior to the customer experience.

These are some ways you can improve your company’s packaging. If your current packaging fulfills its purpose and meets customers’ needs, great. But it doesn’t hurt to assess what you have to see if there are ways you can improve it and optimize your company’s packaging.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey, a curious soul from NY, is a technical, business writer, and journalist. Her passion lies in crafting well-researched, data-driven content that delivers authentic information to global audiences, fostering curiosity and inspiration.

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