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4 Reasons to Pursue Business Degrees in 2022

Pursuing a business degree is indeed a wise career decision. The fact is that business is one of the most popular degree programs in the US – 19% of students earned these degrees in 2017.

However, with plenty of students choosing business degrees, various questions might spring up in your mind. Such as, does a business degree still offer the same value in 2022? Is this major the right choice for your career? Does the degree help you develop the skills needed to kickstart a thriving career? A quick answer? Absolutely yes. As per BLS, the job outlook for business and finance will grow by 8% by 2030, translating to a world of opportunities.

A business degree imparts a thorough knowledge of different business functions and enables individuals to make well-informed decisions. It also delivers a general awareness of underlying economic concepts and how global circumstances affect market trends. And this broad understanding, in turn, helps professionals make well-rounded business choices and attain a high return on investment (ROI).

Ahead are some more compelling reasons to squash your doubts:

A variety of disciplines

Under the umbrella term ‘business,’ there comes a reasonably broad range of diverse subfields and programs. Some common ones encompass marketing, human resource management, economics, and strategic management. However, finance remains to be the most sought-after field in business. If you’re someone who can play with numbers and wishes to use your math skills, a finance career is a great choice.

And while a business degree with a concentration in finance can help you establish a high-flying career. However, becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can help broaden your horizons and propel your career to the next level.

But passing the CPA exam is unquestionably an uphill struggle. The good news? You can enlista CPA review course to increase the probability of acing the exam. And although you might get confused between Wiley vs Becker, the two leading names for the test preparation, and can’t seem to decide which one to choose. Comparing different characteristics of each, for instance, course format, tech, software, and support, can make it easy to select the one that aligns with your learning targets.

Unleash the entrepreneurship spirit

Business is the best field of study for aspiring students who wish to turn their dream of launching and running a business into a reality. Although being a boss comes with many benefits, entrepreneurship requires innovation, strategic thinking, and the perfect execution plan.

Attending the right business school can help build core skills needed to run various aspects of the business swimmingly, such as marketing, finance, and administration. Additionally, the entrepreneurial skills you develop during your business degree program can aid you in experimenting with new ideas. And who knows, you might find your potential future business partner in the degree program.

Besides, various courses in business degrees impart a broad spectrum of knowledge, from attracting clients to managing finances to learning the intricacies of a business plan. In sum, a business degree is a great starting point to smooth the part of being independent.

Gain insight into the business world

One of the primary advantages of earning a degree in the business field is that it helps introduce individuals to real-world business situations. Business programs deliver a thorough understanding and detailed knowledge of essential management concepts. Additionally, these programs allow professionals to gain an in-depth insight into industry reports and market trends.

Not to mention the market climate has transformed drastically due to globalization. Nowadays, only a few degree programs encompass knowledge beyond the local perspective. Nevertheless, business programs of study push you to see things through a global lens, which is a plus point considering the international economic situation.

Also, no matter which format you choose to pursue the degree, either a traditional on-campus or an online program, the business degree allows you to interact and work with international students. In turn, helping you become more culturally diverse and aware.

Develop transferable skills

While industry-specific skills are critically important to increase the chances of employability, it’s equally important, if not more, to possess soft skills for establishing a successful career. With a degree in business, you can expect to develop vital transferable skills that can prove advantageous for business occupations and other career pathways.

Writing emails correctly, explaining your points in meetings, drafting a winning pitch, and creating a convincing business report– all require excellent communication skills. And since you’ll be working alongside various students appertaining to different schools of thought and backgrounds and your viewpoints might differ from others. Therefore, your chosen business program of study can help build valuable skills, for instance, excelling in the art of establishing your point and diplomatically answering conflicting questions.

Likewise, you can also develop other soft skills such as project and resource management, analytical thinking, negotiation, and budgeting.

Final Words

Irrespective of which career piques your interest, studying business will always prove worthwhile and can yield massive benefits down the road. That’s because every field nowadays has a business aspect, and the skills you develop in business programs can be incredibly versatile.

Business studies equip you with the knowledge, experience, and skillset required to take on the world. Besides all the reasons to pursue a business degree, the overriding one is that the future is exceptionally bright for business graduates.

And while business degrees are sought-after and offer high-earning potential, they are also one of the most challenging ones. Once you complete your business degree, you will grow into a more analytical thinker and possess the knowledge to tackle the challenges head-on in your life (professional and otherwise).

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey, a curious soul from NY, is a technical, business writer, and journalist. Her passion lies in crafting well-researched, data-driven content that delivers authentic information to global audiences, fostering curiosity and inspiration.

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