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3 Different Types of Life Insurance without Medical Exams

What is Life Insurance without Medical Exams?

Life insurance can be part of a healthy and sensible financial and life plan that makes it easy for you to anticipate the stresses and struggles of life. You might have even tried to secure this stepping stone toward more freedom and flexibility. Perhaps you have, but if you have been denied or don’t wish to complete a medical exam, there may be other options. Those that don’t require medical exams do not get you medically screened before you can be approved. 

You might see the appeal. If you want to skip the medical appointment, it’s understandable especially if you have a preexisting condition or other concern that makes it difficult to secure an approval after a thorough medical review. So, life insurance without medical exams exists to give all kinds of people an opportunity to get near instant approval life insurance with a simple quote

There are a few things to understand about no exam life insurance that you may not guess from knowing what it is and how it works. It doesn’t, for example, mean that you won’t be carefully examined before getting a no exam life insurance approval. In fact, you’re expected to disclose anything you are asked about a condition or on a questionnaire. The consequences of falsity are severe and could cancel your policy. So, familiarize yourself with what you might be asked and know how to answer. 

In addition to being involved in many questions about your life and health, life insurance without medical exams also has many different forms that make it useful. Consider the next section for information about exam-free insurance. 

Life Insurance

Different Types of Life Insurance without Medical Exams

In the complex world of insurance, there are three general and primary kinds of no exam life insurance policies that make themselves known. Those are the simplified, guaranteed, and group policies. 


If you seek your insurance with speed and simplicity, the simplified issue policy can be a highly suitable option in the right circumstances and for the right occasion. For example, they can be useful in securing coverage up to $500,000 when activated. 

In order to qualify, you simply answer some questions and provide any appropriate documentation while ignoring any need to do a medical appointment with a doctor. Still, many people recommend that you choose a larger policy, one 10 times your salary annually. So, you may need to explore the next two options just in case. 


You might have seen it all. You might have been through every application and requirement for traditional life insurance with no success at all with getting approved or getting a decent rate that you can comfortably live with and afford. Then, the guaranteed issue policy stands out as attractive. 

While some answers to specific questions will knock your eligibility for insurance, it is still a no exam option that offers a benefit to beneficiaries. In this form of insurance, the insurance company also never sees your medical record so that their calculation of risk in your quote must be completely unique. It’s a good option if you have explored other forms of insurance and not been successful with the traditional kinds. 


There are times when an employer has a truly special benefit to their workers that comes completely out of their pocket and totally free to the employee. For example, a life insurance policy can be a benefit for a group such as a company. To reap the benefits, you don’t need to necessarily answer a single question or try to take any kind of exam. Rather, it’s a policy without an exam so you can get the premiums covered by the employer and never worry about it again. 

Acquire Life Insurance without Medical Exams Today

You have seen at least three important forms of no exam life insurance that companies like Sproutt offers to interested customers. If you consider the amount you can afford and your own background as well as conditions of coverage, you can then choose a competitive simplified or guaranteed policy. Simply answer the questions of the insurer and prove the information in your application. Skip all the traditional hassle. 

To explore the options available to you with an expert in the life insurance industry, you can get in touch with the representatives over at Sproutt who understand the needs of many unique customers like you. There’s still time to get a policy that will work for you even if you have failed to get approved in the past. Start to protect those closest to you who would benefit from your kind and generous policy, and contact Sproutt today to see what options and quotes exist for you

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