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Zootopia 2 Sequel Release Date, News, Updates And Gossips

Zootopia, it is animated, entertaining and one of the daring movie which was released by Disney in 2016. Its became one of the topmost successful and Blockbuster movie. Which earned up to $1B in the whole world and it is the pinnacle of this blockbuster movie. Their fans become suspicious whether the friendship of Judy Hopps and Nick Widdle will move ahead or not. So the fans of this movie wait with so much craze to see the ending.

We have great news for our followers which makes you surprise. Both of the directors named as Rich Moore and Byron Howard announced that Good news in 2017 at Golden Globes. As they said that they have many ideas for making a happy ending. When they are talking at the place of Golden Globe, they explained with detail the preparation of authentic Zootopia film.

Firstly that they have to make an anthropomorphic film which was just like classic Robinhood, but Disney wanted something new or idiosyncratic.

Zootopia 2 News, Updates and Gossip:

The directors want such type of animals which were never shown before on the screen because they want something new. Byron Howard and Rich Moore are done very hard work and deep research of more than one years in Africa just too completely understand the synchronism of all the predator-prey that is (zoo-Utopia).  They said they start their preparation from the day when they understand and realized that this is the Golden chance which is one in million to talk about death and the fear.

It all began when the producer named Clark Spencer memorize that how The Lion King gives a chance to understand and discuss death, as Bambi’s mother died. With this film, they are also dealing with that dangerous issues of this society that mainly Racism and discrimination of present time. The great benefit of the animation is that it does not contain any restriction or hurdles just like in humans on the main screen. By this viewer can better understand Nick and Judy.

Zootopia 2: Told by the Directors:

Zootopia 2
Zootopia 2

Although the sequel has been confirmed but now it’s very complicated for both the directors Moore and Howard, because the fans want something better than best after the victory of Blockbuster Zootopia. Until now both of the directors have a high spirit and are very excited by this project. According to Moore “Zootopia is not only beautiful but also own wonderful characters” In the last sequel the centre of attention and the focus would be on the relationship of Nick Wilde and JudyHops. But the directors are also in difficulty about their relationships ahead in future.

There are many fans, said by Moore, whose keen desire is to get married of Hopes and Wild but this scene is very common and ordinary, but there are also some fans who want a twist and they like ending of the story as just to be good friends. The date of Zootopia 2 movie is not yet officially announce because the directors of this movie still suffer in the difficulty for final decision because they think about every option.

The casting of Zootopia 2:

casting of Zootopia 2
casting of Zootopia 2

According to the estimation, up to 40 characters take part in the making of Zootopia. Which would be one-in-million films. There are following the main Character:

  • Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde-The main leading character
  • Grey DeLisle as Nick Wilde-5 year old
  • Jason Lee as Nick Wilde-11 year old
  • Liam Hemsworth as Nick Wilde-13 year old
  • Chris Hemsworth as Nick Wilde-14 years old
  • Della Saba as Judy Hopps
  • Mike Myers as Tadashi Gorki
  • Shawn Ashmore as Ferb Dogfalusi
  • Tyler James Williams as joe Catboy
  • Rami Malek as Tucker Wilde- Nicks Older brother
  • Vivianne Jolie Pitt as Tucker Wilde-10-year-old
  • Eric Bauza as Tucker Wilde (16-20 years old)
  • Jenny Slate act as Bellwether
  • Raymons S. Persi act as Flash
  • Tommy “Tiny” Lister act as Finnick
  • Nate Torrence act as Clawhauser
  • Idris Elba act as Chief Bogo
  • Josh Server acts as Lou Coyote
  • Anthony Anderson act as Wendell Gorilla
  • Don Lake act as Stu Hopps
  • Bonnie Hunt acts as Bonnie Hopps
  • Jane Lynchact as Mrs. Wilde – Nick’s mom
  • Maurice LaMarche act like Mr. Big and Wallace Jame
  • Craig Anton act as Koslov and Joe’s Dad
  • Katie Lowes act as Dr. Madge Honey Badger
  • Lauren Holly act as Joe’s Mom
  • Rich Moore act as Larry
  • David Thibodeau acts as Gary
  • K. Simmons act as Leodore Lionheart
  • Eddie Murphy act as Emmitt Otterton
  • Frankie Muniz act bas Shaggy Milestone – the shoe seller
  • Sting act as Golden M. Barker – a golden retriever
  • Natalie Dormer act as Layla
  • Emma Roberts acts as Gabby
  • Alan Tudyk act as Duke Weaselton
  • Dennis Bateman acts as Travis
  • John Patrick Lowrie act as The Judge
  • Fred Stoller act as an unnamed adult woodchuck
  • Jeff “Swampy” Marsh acts as an unnamed hyena. the upcoming character
  • Matthew Ewald act as unnamed pig upcoming character
  • Tara Strong act as unnamed zebra upcoming character
  • Eric Bauza act as an unnamed grizzly bear upcoming character

Zootopia 2 Release Date:

IMDb announced that this animated movie, Zootopia 2 is started to release in spring or summer 2018 by Walt Disney Pictures and also Walt Disney Animation Studios.Other side, In Wikipedia it has mentioned that Zootopia 2 release date is October 7, 2021, with a male protagonist.

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