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Telekom sued network Agency due to 5G (18.31 hrs)Nasa probe “New Horizons” sets record (17.49 PM)fun fair visitors spending hours in the case of a defective carousel caught (9.23 PM), Sydney’s fireworks-masters to welcome the wrong year (7.19 p.m.)More bodies after a gas explosion in Russia recovered (6.16 p.m.) – North Korea Kim threatens the US (4.43 PM)

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+++ 18.31 PM: Telecom has sued the network Agency, because of the 5G auction +++

As the network operator Telefonica (O2) and Vodafone report complains to a media now also the Deutsche Telekom because of the rules for the allocation of frequencies for the new mobile radio standard 5G. “We have said from the beginning that the auction conditions provided for, in our view, are unrealistic and create legal uncertainty,” said a group spokesperson for the “world”.

“The more stringent development requirements go significantly beyond what has been described, the Federal network Agency before self as a reasonable and proportionate”, – quoted the “world” of the Telecom. The implementation of these requirements was, from today’s point of view, unrealistic. In addition, the Telekom stands up to the specifications of how to open your network for their competitors. “The completely unclear regulations for national Roaming to jeopardise investments, in particular in rural areas,” said Telecom spokesman.

The frequencies for mobile communications standard, 5G will be auctioned in the spring. 5G stands for fifth generation mobile technology. The network will bring much faster mobile Internet. This is especially important for the industry, for example in Autonomous Driving. The transfer rate is about 100 Times as high as in the case of 4G (LTE). The network operator must take for the frequencies a lot of money in the Hand. Your fear: too high requirements, you will earn too little of it.

+++ 17.49 watch: Nasa probe “New Horizons” represents the record +++

In a historic flyby of the Nasa probe “New Horizons has happened,” the object “Ultima Thule” in the so-called Kuiper belt. It is the farthest from the earth away, a Rendezvous was a probe with a celestial body in space-travel history – at a distance of about 6.5 billion kilometres. About ten hours later, the US space Agency, Nasa, received on Tuesday the Signal that the flyby was successfully completed.

“New Horizons” flew past with approximately 51 500 kilometers per hour in about 3500 miles away to “Ultima Thule”. About the celestial body is so far, extremely little is known. The approximately 700 million Euro “New Horizons”Mission has a lot: In January 2006, the probe was launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in the U.S. state of Florida, and then on numerous planets came over and 2015 as the first spacecraft on Pluto flew past.

+++ 16.03 PM: With knife 19 killed – Year-old dies in Copenhagen +++

A young man has been killed in the new year night in the city centre of Copenhagen. According to police, the 19-Year-old was stabbed to death early Tuesday morning at an intersection near the tourist port of Nyhavn with a knife, after it was previously alleged to disputes between celebrants. In the area there are several Bars and night clubs. Three other people were injured according to the police information. A few minutes before, had caught two other young men in the vicinity also stabbed. A connection between the two did not, however, explained Investigator Knud Hvass. To to is also the gang crime in the Danish capital, the incidents have no connection.

+++ 15: 28 landslide 30 houses buried in Indonesia dozens Missing +++

to be missing After a landslide in Western Indonesia dozens of people. At least nine people were killed and 30 houses buried, said the spokesman for the civil protection Agency, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho,. Heavy rains had triggered, therefore, the landslide on Monday morning in the district of Sukabumi in the province of West Java. The rescue services were still 34 Missing. The use will be hampered by additional minor landslides, heavy rain and the muddy ground. Also, the patchy electricity and telephone network will not be helpful. So the search had to pause in the night, and was resumed on Tuesday morning.

+++ 14.43 PM: new year’s greeting with the bomb: American military confused with a Twitter message +++

It should be greeting a funny new year’s, but this backfired: The U.S. military has taken care of on new year’s eve with a Video on Twitter for excitement, the shows a B-2 stealth bomber to the dropping of two bombs.

The Strategic Command, wrote in reference to the big new year’s eve party in New York: “At the Times Square it is a Tradition to ring in the new year with the dropping of a large ball…should it ever be necessary, we would be willing, something much, much Bigger drop.” The command was obviously to the dropping of a nuclear bomb – it would be in the case of the cases in charge.

For the message, it rained criticism, and the military deleted them again. The Tweet was tasteless and did not reflect the values of the commands, it said in a new message. “We apologize.”

+++ 13.57 watch: Daredevils jump at the Anbaden in the ice-cold North sea +++

A refreshing Start to the new year, brave swimmers have taken on the island of Norderney. On the North sea island of rushed at the 20. traditional Anbaden on the West beach, about 500 people in the 5 degree cold of the North sea. Many of them had previously celebrated the new year’s eve night, some of them had dressed for the icy bath extra, and ran as Superman, jungle man or the Princess with gold crown in the floods. Numerous onlookers watched on the beach at the spectacle.

+++ 13.52 PM: man drives into group of Pedestrians – possibly xenophobic attack +++

A motorist has in Bottrop, in North Rhine-Westphalia in the new year’s eve night, his car deliberately into a group of Pedestrians, controlled, and at least four people injured, some seriously. “The investigating authorities are currently looking at a targeted attack that may be due to the xenophobic attitude of the driver”, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office on Tuesday. The motorist was arrested. The investigators have information “first, information about a mental illness of the driver”.

The 50-Year-old have to keep up with his car in Bottrop, Germany, only minutes after the new year, first of all, on a individual passers-by, and reported to the authorities. It was pedestrian, to retten. After that, the drivers had raced in the city center in a group of people, including Syrians and Afghans were. At least four people were injured, some seriously.

The man drove to the information, then on to dinner, where he tried to be targeted in a in a bus stop waiting group of people. The police arrested the man a little later. Already he had raised himself to xenophobia, the authorities declared.

+++ 13.37 PM: shy: toll for Cars to start in October 2020 +++

The toll for Cars on German roads is set to start in October 2020. A corresponding agreement was on 30. December had been signed, said Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) in a popular Video. “This means that we can create justice on German roads, because everyone who uses our infrastructure, the pay – without additional burden for the residents.” Scheuer described as a good news to start the new Year. The financial and economic framework, the Bundestag has given, will be adhered to, the Minister said.

A German-Austrian consortium had been given on Sunday final the contract for the collection of the toll for Cars in Germany. It consists of the German concert promoter and ticket seller, CTS Eventim, and the Austrian toll system provider Kapsch TrafficCom.

+++ 12.22 PM: First execution in Saudi Arabia in the new year – 2018 there were 125 +++

Saudi Arabia has executed on Tuesday a man from Pakistan for drug trafficking. The man had been sentenced for the smuggling of Heroin to the death, informed the interior Ministry in Riyadh. The execution had been carried out in Jeddah in the West of the ultra-conservative Kingdom. It is the first execution in Saudi Arabia in 2019.

last year, authorities had been directed to a communication from the Saudi a total of 125 people. 2017 there were 122 people, in 2016, it had been 144. To death will be Sentenced in Saudi Arabia to the public either with the sword, beheaded or shot. The executions provide international again and again for criticism.

+++ 11.57 am: 17-Year-old dies in Austria at the fireworks by-ball bomb +++

A 17-Year-old fireworks has been killed in Austria during new year’s eve by a so-called ball bomb. The police announced that died, the young man due to serious head injuries. After a first attempt at ignition had gone wrong, had tried the 17-Year-old, according to police, the bomb with a diameter of around 15 centimetres again to shoot down. Since these instantly exploded in a metal tube of the self-made shooting device, not able to bring the 17-Year-old to safety. Before the young man had ignited at the private new year’s eve party in upper Austria a successful five-to-six ball bombs. At midnight, he wanted to leave according to police sources, then the largest example of pop.

+++ 11.39 PM: May calls in new year’s address to the Unity of the Brexit-armed +++

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has been campaigning in her new year’s speech to support for the Brussels negotiated Brexit agreement. “In the coming weeks, the members have a big decision to make. If the Parliament supports the Deal, can the UK to come over the mountain,” said May in the speech. 2019 could be the year in which the differences in the Brexit-armed to be overcome, so May.

Parliament is due to vote in the third week of January, about the Brexit Deal. As yet no majority in favour. The agreement not to Brexit should-date on the 29. March 2019 under the roof, in danger of a disorderly exit, with chaotic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life.

+++ 10.48 am: Two people Dead in the Netherlands by fireworks +++

firecrackers arrived by new year’s eve in the Netherlands, two people died. In Enschede in the East of the country, a man died in an Explosion that was probably caused by fireworks, as the police announced on Tuesday. In Friesland near the Wadden sea, a man was killed on new year’s eve, the police also in this case, of fireworks as the cause. The investigations are not yet complete.

+++ 10.22 PM: author Edgar Hilsenrath at the age of 92 died +++

The writer Edgar Hilsenrath is dead. His wife confirmed Marlene Hilsenrath of the German press Agency. He died, therefore, on Sunday at the age of 92 years in the hospital, Wittlich (Rhineland-Palatinate) after a pneumonia. Internationally, the German-Jewish author made in the 70s with the Nazi-Grotesque “The Nazi & the Barber” to his breakthrough. In the United States, France and Italy, his books were best-sellers, worldwide million Specimens have been sold.

+++ 09.23 PM: Dramatic new year’s night for Fair-goers in the dizzying height of the +++

A group of French Fair-goers had to spend the new year in the icy cold, and dizzying heights: Nine hours, eight young people were stuck on the city of Rennes in a broken ride and had to stand the bad Fears. Normally, the “BomberMaxxx around promoted” the passengers to the Fair on a 50-metre long metal swing arm in a circle. Ironically, on new year’s eve the device is blocked.

The fire brigade moved in, but had to notice that your rescue ladder with 30 meters to short. Then a helicopter was sent to the one of the fixed picking up passengers from the ride. For the other seven passengers, a rope system was attached to: One after the other was lowered.

“I never thought that we will come out, it was really traumatic,” said the 23-year-old Antoine after his rescue by the fire brigade. “It has taken a long time, it was cold, and it was frightening.” Another passenger reported: “We saw sparks, a metallic noise is heard, and the worst is feared.”

+++ 07.19 PM: “Happy New Year 2018”: Sydney’s fireworks-masters to welcome the wrong year +++

Australia’s metropolis, Sydney has welcomed the new year with a spectacular fireworks display – with a small flaw: The organizers have the year wrong. On one of the pillars of the harbour bridge during the fireworks, the words “Happy New Year 2018” Shine. Photos of the mishap spread rapidly in the social media, accompanied by mocking comments.

“In Sydney it’s still 2018, I’m going to bed now,” wrote a Twitter user. Another tweeted: “Oh dear, this horrible year never end!”

+++ 07.04 PM: survey: Germans like to see air travel in see the holiday critical +++

The German holiday travel with the aircraft increasingly critical. In the case of a representative Online survey conducted by the Institute YouGov, 47% of the respondents stated that they could imagine, personally, a waiver of air travel for environmental reasons. 41 percent were not ready for it.

In the past, have abandoned claims to 19 percent of the respondents aware on a flight to conserve the environment. 73 percent said they have never done. The possibility of a voluntary Eco-tax to compensate for the CO2 pollution have used 13 per cent of the passengers for at least one flight in 2018. With the money, for example, afforestation programmes are funded. Every third said, to have this opportunity to know nothing about them.

+++ 06.16 PM: More bodies after a gas explosion in Russia recovered +++

The heavy gas explosion on new year’s eve in the Russian Magnitogorsk has at least seven people and possibly dozens of deaths. The news Agency Tass reported, citing new information from the civil protection Ministry. Rescue workers had pulled in the night more bodies from the rubble, after the complete rising of a ten-storey apartment blocks, like a house of cards was brought down. A further 37 people were listed as missing. Accordingly, 25 homes were completely destroyed and ten partially.

In the rubble were looking for rescuers in a race against time to Buried because Survivors threatened at minus 27 degrees at night and minus 19 on the day of the death by Freezing. The Explosion occurred at 4.00 PM local time (0.00 GMT).

in Magnitogorsk, located about 1400 miles East of the capital Moscow. Even President Vladimir Putin flew out of his resort of Sochi in the city in the Urals, in order to learn about the rescue work and to speak with Victims.

+++ 06.04 PM: a 21-Year-old in Tokyo in the crowd and injured nine people +++

In Tokyo, a 21-Year-old with a car in the new year’s eve night in a crowd of people hazards. In the case of the incident ten minutes after midnight on a busy street of the Japanese capital, eight people were injured, local media reported. The 21-Year-old grip on the road, another man and injured this also. The 21-Year-old was arrested.

The alleged perpetrator was killing with the “intent to” in the crowd of the dangers, said a police spokesman to the AFP news Agency. A student was injured hard and had to be operated on in the hospital.

The Japanese broadcaster NHK, according to the 21-Year-old told the police he wanted to practice “in retaliation for the death penalty”. More detailed information on his subject of the man made accordingly.

+++ 04: 43: Kim threatens the United States with departure from the policy of détente +++

North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un has threatened the United States with the end of the most recent policy of détente, Washington should maintain its sanctions against Pyongyang. In this case, his country would have to think “about a new way to protect our sovereignty and interests,” said Kim in his new year speech. At the same time, he stressed that it wanted good relations with the United States.

North Korea refused so far, but a complete nuclear disarmament without consideration, and threatened with the resumption of its nuclear program, Washington should the economic sanctions do not cancel. The US is insisting on a complete nuclear disarmament before the sanctions against the North Korean nuclear weapons and missile program to be repealed.

+++ 04.02 PM: Three German after icy night on mountain in the Tyrol +++

rescued Three young Germans have been rescued after a night on a 2000 metre high mountain in Austria. The three 22-Year-old could drive on Sunday evening in the Tyrol, with heavy snow and total darkness is no longer and placed an emergency call, such as the Austrian news Agency APA reported. Because of the bad weather conditions they could be, therefore, only on Monday afternoon by a rescue helicopter recovered.

Two of the Rescued the plight survived, according to the APA unharmed. A man was admitted accordingly, with frostbite of the hands and feet in a hospital.

The three 22-Year-old, according to APA on Sunday afternoon, with snow shoes from the valley station of the Ehrwalder Almbahnen ascended in the direction of a hut on the Zugspitze Platt. Against 21.30 o’clock the three reached exhausted, therefore, completely, in total darkness and in heavy snow a location on 2000 meters of altitude and bustle, where you can drop an emergency call. They dug a cave, therefore, a snow, to survive the night.

+++ 01.01 PM: Three injured in knife attack in Manchester +++

In the case of a knife attack in Manchester, three people were injured. As the police announced, were in the attack in the vicinity of a train station in the British city of a man, a woman and a police officer injured. The alleged attacker established the fact, according to the 38-year-old eye-witnesses Sam Clack with bomb attacks on the “other countries”.

The knife attack took place on Monday evening. The Suspect was overwhelmed. The three injured were taken to the police for treatment to the hospital.

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