Horst Seehofer resigns as CSU-Chairman of the party. Probably in January and probably 2019. This notice of cancellation is at least 48, and up to a maximum of 72 hours. He will then withdraw from the withdrawal. A resignation as Federal Minister of the interior Seehofer excludes categorically. From this opinion, he will probably step down in December.

Until then, he wants to spread but still so much unrest as possible, he started finally, that’s his job, and he also comes. It is always difficult to determine exactly what office Horst Seehofer exercises or what he gives up by the hour to think about it then, but differently.

On the 27. November wants to return Seehofer even to work, although he had actually declared several years ago, its withdrawal of the substantive work. The citizens of the country were invoked by the security authorities to keep at least three meters distance to Seehofer, because it moves, at any time, sudden rode.