“You’re with your child not wanted here!” With these words, Mette were thrown Abildgaard and their five-month-old daughter, Esther Marie from the chamber of the Danish Parliament, the “Folketing”. The Scene was even recorded on Video, as the TV2. The President of the Parliament, Pia Kjærsgaard of the right-wing populist “Danish people’s party,” sits on her chair, speaking with one of your secretaries, and shows on Abildgaard and your daughter. This then goes to the mother and daughter and refers to both of the hall.

It was the first Time that the members of the “Conservative people’s party,” had taken their daughter in the “Folketing”. Actually, you could have in the protection of the Mother go, but decided “to serve the people,” as she wrote in a Facebook Post. To wrote of the incident: “I had agreed with my Secretary that she would come as soon as Esther Marie makes only the slightest noise. I had not given into their hands, because they (Esther, Marie, ed. d. editorial staff) in an age in which you fremdelt.”

Not for the first time a Baby in the Parliament

the broadcaster TV2 is Abildgaard said that she didn’t want to take your child originally in the hall, but that her daughter was at no time, neither loud nor disturbing. Many colleagues greeted even and not made according to Abildgaard under the impression that her Baby bother. The politician also writes in her Facebook Post that you’ve already seen previously, other politicians with a child in Assembly halls and there are no explicit rules, the children in the Parliament prohibit.

in fact, some Parliamentarians and Government your child with in chambers. The most prominent example is new Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, which took place in 2018, their daughter Neve in the UN General Assembly. Also in the European Parliament, the Deputy Vittoria Ronzulli years of your child, in Australia, Senator Larissa Waters had even breastfed during a speech to her child. Also in Denmark there had been before, Esther Marie babies in parliaments. 1974, in Copenhagen city hall, and in 2016 in the Folketing.


politician breastfeeding in Parliament and writes the history

By Daniel desert mountain Kjærsgaard defend itself and divides it from

Pia Kjærsgaard is defending itself. For them, the chamber was “for members only”. According to the Danish news Agency Ritzau, the thing had been done for you, as Mette Abildgaard went with her daughter from the room. But she did not want to discuss at the next Meeting of the Bureau of Parliament on new rules for dealing with children in the Parliament. In a Tweet she added to the debate: “We can conclude, that an election campaign before the election was announced, and that talk is important, no matter whether good or bad.”

Several politicians have attacked the Parliament Chairman. It was “to think of old-fashioned, that children are not allowed to be seen or heard,” wrote the left-wing MP Pernille Skipper in a Facebook entry. Other politicians demanded an apology from Kjærsgaard, or were the names of parliamentarians with children are even welcome.

Political commentators said to be the case that the conflict was also caused by the fact that Kjærsgaard and Abildgaard from two different generations. Abildgaard was born in 1988, Kjærsgaard 1947. But it is not the first Time that the right-wing populist President, with stricter rules in the room provided for discussion: in 2015, you criticized the use of Smartphones during debates in the Parliament and the parliamentarians warned to exhibit the mobile phones and concentrate on the work.

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