Because she wanted to warm up your mattress with a hair dryer, a youth, a house on fire. In the case of the fire on the second day of Christmas in the joy of Burg (Rheinland-Pfalz) suffered poisoning four residents of the flue gas, as a police spokesman said. The damage is estimated at well over 200,000 euros, the building was indefinitely uninhabitable.

“but unfortunately it’s just asleep”

according to The investigation of the young people was when they came home at night, so cold that you had the fixed idea to bring your mattress with a hair dryer on a warm, cozy temperature. “She’s just asleep, unfortunately,” said the spokesman. The hair dryer did not turn off. And the mattress caught fire. Father and daughter hesitated briefly from sleep. They brought with them, according to the spokesman, the burning mattress on the balcony, dumped water on it and left them there – in the false hope that the Problem would be solved. Hardly were they gone, however, the bed began mattress to burn. Quickly the fire spread on the façade of the four-storey building and ate to the roof.

fireman discovered the fire,

, of all things, a fireman, was on the way home, discovered the fire and alerted the prompt, inhabitants and emergency responders. Around 110 firefighters extinguished the large fire for several hours.

she / DPA

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