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Young couple dies in collision leaving their wedding ceremony

Young couple dying in collision leaving wedding ceremony
Harley Morgan, 19, and Ryan Boudreau, 20, were killed in an Orange city, more than 20 miles east of downtown Beaumont, Texas.
The Orange Police Department said in a statement that they were out of the parking lot and were on Highway 87 when their car crashed into a van carrying a trailer loaded with a tractor.
A department spokeswoman said the newlyweds were going to the Prince of Peace Justice of Orange County after their wedding ceremony. Behind them were the mother and sister of the boyfriend, who witnessed the deadly confrontation.
Harley Morgan’s mother, Kenya, told KFDM: “I saw my baby die.” “I’m still using my son’s blood because I was trying to get him and his son out of the car.”
“It is an image that will bother me all my life. I will never forget it. It will never disappear. I will see that the truck hits my baby and kills him every night of his life. The rest of the time I am on the ground.”
The truck driver was not injured.
Kenya Morgan told the station that high school lovers are excited to start their lives together. Although their ceremony was in court, they were planning a Christmas wedding on December 20 for their family and friends.
According to the KFDM, Justice of Peace, who died a few minutes before their wedding.
The Orange Police Department Detective Division is investigating the incident, according to the statement.
Orange County is located in the Beaumont Port Arthur region of southeastern Texas.

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