The police in Baden-Württemberg is looking for two missing students. The 15-year-old Lisa, also known as “Kiki”, and the 17-year-old Michelle from Künzelsau, in the Hohenlohe district in Heilbronn, Germany, have disappeared since Monday morning without a trace.

How often, the two friendly girls together on the way to their respective schools. One of the girls in Künzelsau to school, the other in about 15 kilometers away in Öhringen. Both arrived but never. Since there was no contact to the young people.


The police are looking for since the Monday after the missing students, Lisa (l.), 15, and Michelle, 17, from baden-württemberg, Künzelsau, Germany

©police headquarters Heilbronn police are looking for Lisa and Michelle

The parents went to the police, the investigates the Disappearance and file a missing persons investigation has been released. “We investigate in all directions,” said a spokeswoman of the police headquarters Heilbronn the star. There is already some evidence from the population had been received, which will be reviewed. “So far, no hot lead is,” said the spokesperson. The backgrounds for the Disappearance of the girls were still completely unclear. Possibly the Missing persons with public transport are somewhere in Germany.

missing children’s day

“The uncertainty is the worst” – when children disappear


The mother of the girl considers that it is conceivable that your daughter and her friend are staying in or around Cologne or Berlin. “We are to go and receive support from colleagues on site,” said the police spokesperson. Also the Federal criminal police office has been spreading the search to the students in the meantime. “We hope to be in urgent need of further instructions.”

In their investigation, the officials make intensive use of social networks. Family and friends of Lisa and Michelle are active there and share the missing mug. One of the mothers writes in despair: “We are terribly Worried.”

description of the Missing from Künzelsau


The 15-year-old Lisa

©police headquarters Heilbronn

Lisa is 15 years old, about 1.65 meters tall and quite slim. She has long brown hair that she usually tied up to a plait and wore when Leaving the parents house in a khaki-coloured Parka.


The 17-year-old Michelle

©police headquarters Heilbronn

Michelle is 17 years old, about 1.58 meters tall, has a normal figure and long smooth hair, which are in the upper area of brown and the bottom blonde. She was dressed in her Disappearance with a quilted jacket, and wears a Golden pair of glasses with red iron.

information on the whereabouts of the two students take the criminal investigation Department in Künzelsau (07131) 1044747 or under as well as any other police Department.

source: the police headquarters Heilbronn