For Samantha Josephson, it should be only a Tour home – they never came. Together with friends, the 21-year-old politics student, was last Thursday in the “Bird Dog Bar” on the road, in the heart of Columbia, the capital of the U.S. state of South Carolina.

about two o’clock in the morning, you ordered via the Uber for a ride home and left the Bar, finally, Josephson had to compete the next morning for the early shift in a Burger Restaurant, where she earns a little money for the study. By 2.09 PM, so it will show the recordings of a surveillance camera, drove up in a black Chevrolet Impala at the Bar. The student climbed in.

Vergbliches Waiting for Samantha Josephson

her colleagues in the “Liberty Tap Room” waited the following Morning in vain. As well, as well as Josephsons roommate in a apartment complex in the city of Columbia in vain for the 21-Year-old waited, or so it is said, among other things, the “Washington Post” and CNN.

Full of Worries, you were informed accordingly on Friday at 13.30 at the police. There, the officers took the student’s Disappearance seriously. They tried to reconstruct the course of Thursday night and published a photo of the Missing. You described what she wore to her Disappearance: black Jeans, orange top, light shoes.

While officials determined, roamed two Turkey hunters by a forest area in the country, about 70 miles from Columbia. Something off of a dirt road, they discovered the body of a woman. Black Jeans, orange top, light shoes. The body of Samantha Josephson.

From the missing person’s case to a murder case. The hottest track: a black Chevrolet Impala. The Uber car by Samantha Josephson?

Held a student of the Chevrolet for your Uber Taxi?

24 hours after the Disappearance of a police officer discovered his Patrol such a car, only a few minutes drive from the “Bird Dog Bar”. When the policeman asked him, out of the car to get off, opened the driver’s door and ran away. A little later, the 24-year-old Nathaniel R. was arrested.


A loving couple ordered a Taxi and on the control of the husband

The officials were sure that the killer of Samantha Josephson in the catches, the evidence left little room for doubt: In the car, the investigators blood found traces of the student, your cell phone, germicidal wipes, cleaning agents and bleach. The child lock for the doors in the rear was turned on. The 21-Year-old came to death, not announced by the police. “Our investigators still have much work to do,” said the police chief of Columbia, Skip Holbrook.

However, the officials believe to already know now that Samantha Josephson was wrong: The black Chevrolet Impala was not ordered On the vehicle. She rose shortly after two o’clock in the car of her alleged killer, Nathaniel R., lasted probably happen at the time before the “Bird Dog Bar” in the center of Columbia. A deadly mistake.

The U.S. car service company Uber has recommended in its safety tips basically, before starting the journey to convince them that the license plate of the car, the image of the driver and the actual Name of the driver with in-App stored data match.

the father with the emotional words of farewell

the same is also recommends the University of South Carolina. In an open letter, they called on their students, in the night lives to each other. “Times like this let me for words of wisdom and the sorrow are looking for,” wrote the President of the University. “We want those who have been injured due to the fact, close into the arms.”

After the attack on him

Uber driver, shoots passenger


consternation reigns after the murder of the student as well as the police. Just before your boss Holbrook informed on a press-conference to journalists about the arrest of the Suspect, he had spoken with the family of the Killed. “Our heart is broken,” he said deeply moved. “There is nothing more Difficult to stand in front of a family and to explain to her that a loved one was murdered.”

the father of The deceased wrote in a Facebook Post: “I post this with huge sadness and a broken heart. I’m going to miss my Little one the Rest of my life, and love. Samantha is no longer with us, but you will never be forgotten. It is extremely hard to write this, but I love you with all my heart. It’s killing me. I’m sitting here and the wines, while I have a picture of her to look at.”

The funeral will take place on Wednesday. A donation page has been collected until Monday afternoon, nearly 50,000 US dollars (just under 45,000 euros) to support the family of the Killed.

sources: CNN, the Washington Post, the Columbia Police Department on Twitter, University of South Carolina, Uber, Gofundme