It is not very easy a relationship as an outsider to judge. In a recent case In Russia is likely to be almost all in your judgment, agreed that If one was attacked by his Partner of 13 Times with a knife, the relationship is beyond rescue. But the victim sees it quite differently: Even in court, he made his attacker a marriage proposal.

The media only as “Shakur” called the man pleaded, at the trial, the judge almost to a lenient sentence to the “Daily Mail” reported. He had survived the attack, according to the state’s attorney’s only because he managed to escape and was hospitalized. There, he had to be a whole three weeks because of the wounds treated, covered its whole body.

Sexual harassment

Cons get Pizza reward – if you are not in front of lawyers jerking

Prosecutor asks six years in prison

That his unnamed fiancee is responsible for the injuries, is out of the question: you admitted it before the court. According to their own statements, they had to kill Shakur, also you want to be when committing the crime have been drunk. How it came to the attack and what was the reason for the woman brandished the knife, is not known.

the Prosecutor of the case, however, is clear. “The defendant was not able to implement their criminal intentions, just because it was held to circumstances, they had no effect: The victim managed to escape, he could be provided medical aid”, – writes the newspaper. In his view, it would not have drained so alone by the victim. He therefore calls for a sentence of at least six years in prison for aggravated assault.

Shakur hopes, however, to a shorter prison: He wanted to plan the date for the wedding, he said to the judge. Whether he can implement his plan, time will tell: The judge has moved the sentencing to a later date.

Late in the “justice”

Innocent sat 17 years in jail – now he will be compensated with $ 1.1 million

Richard Anthony Jones has served a 17-year prison sentence for a robbery. The Problem is that Not he was the culprit, but his DoppelgangeR. Now, finally, Jones has received compensation.


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