Without the letters, he could probably let go of for a long time. Alan Bennett was eight when it happened. His brother Keith was twelve. More than half a century has passed since then; in fact, enough time to learn with the Incomprehensible life: On 16. June 1964 was kidnapped Keith. He had been on the way to the house of his grandmother, it was only a short piece, Alan was already there and waiting for him. Most recently Keith has been seen in the company of a blonde woman.

Alan Bennett, is now 62 and still drives regularly get out into the Moor of Saddleworth. Because somewhere in there, in this level, large high to the East of Manchester, they buried his brother. The have betrayed you. That’s all.

cul-de-SAC of a woman’s life

He has Manchester never leave, he could. He has recorded with the murderers of his brother’s contact, has read everything you’ve published, he followed you down to the last Detail of your fantasies. Always in the hope that he can put the Puzzle together at some point. It is what Alan Bennett’s lawyer today called “the second crime.”

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20 years, according to Keith Bennett’s Disappearance, the serial killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley out of prison stated that they were it, the have the boy killed. Would you happen to know where to find the dead body. One day, she would say it to the families. And then Alan Bennett got letters like these: “I advise you again to look for more, before all things are governed. In my estate I will leave specially for you instructions. My time is almost over. Respectfully, Ian Brady.”

Ian Brady and his girlfriend Myra Hindley, killed at the beginning of the 60s three children and two teenagers. They became known as the “moor-killer from Manchester” in the story. They were famous for. For the couple it was the completion of a long-cherished brutal Plan: they wanted to be bigger than the Rest. A world in which you alone decide the rules. A world ruled for more than four decades in prison still. “Serial killers are metaphorical gods in their own Kingdom,” wrote Ian Brady later in his cell. And even today, two years after his death, has not Ian Brady lost control of this Empire. “It feels as if a part of Keith’s for you,” says Alan Bennett. That’s why he can’t stop looking.

in 1961, when Alan and Keith play together in the garden, Myra Hindley 19 and the hydrogen peroxide you use to bleach your dark hair, is the only luxury that life has to offer her. Manchester is a smelly industrial city, with the soot-covered brick houses and black smoke chimney. Myra and her parents live in Gorton, the working-class district in which it is particularly hard. The mothers go to Church, the fathers in the Pub. If the Pay packets are spent, and the money finally for a dreadful drunk enough, beat the men, only to each other, and later their wives. Myra knows that, you had to get your father as a little girl, often from the pub and watch as he has a rampage at home. It was not a brutal Childhood. It was normal.


Alan Bennett in front of the house, in which he and his brother grew up. Keith was twelve. He was last seen in the company of a blonde woman.

©Joel Goodman

Myra is often angry. They learn Judo, is like. She was engaged once, but then they broke up, she found her friend a child, you will not be dependent on a man who deserves to be much too little and children, cooking food, watching TV; the cul-de-SAC of a woman’s life.

“black light,”

In the cinema, she admires the new heroes of their time: James Dean, Elvis Presley. Sensitive rebel who would never trot with the sound of the factory siren to the layer, silent, like tired sheep. Ian Brady, her work colleague at Millwards, a chemical goods sales, in which she has just started as a typist, looks a bit similar: tall, with wild dark hair and sad eyes. He is well-dressed. Much more modern than the other men. He has a motorcycle. Myra is quickly in love. In the diary, found later at her workplace, she listed: “Today, Ian has seen me.” Or: “I love Ian. He has a cold, I would murder him like that.”

Ian Brady was 23 and not particularly interested in the hydrogen blonde at the typewriter. He has other problems. He comes from Glasgow, has already been convicted multiple times and was already in jail. With the office job in the wholesale trade, he wants to bring just a little peace of mind in the matter, actually he is too bad for such a narrow-minded existence. At night he Tinkers in his criminal career. As the leader of a gang, he sees himself, as a brilliant thief who’s robbing money vans and the really big things turns. In prison, he has made a few good contacts, including equipment, he was already worried: weapons, a camera, a device to the police radio, and a tape recorder.


Ian Brady with Myra Hindley (right) and her sister Maureen. You have celebrated together.

©Action Press

But it is not running slow, it is progressing properly. The frustrated him. Very. He knows that already. Sometimes these phases of anger and sadness are so overwhelming that they paralyze his thoughts. He feels completely los detached from the world. Unique. A, the looks of the facades and the truth looks. He likes this state of Affairs. He calls him later on: “the black light”.

Myra Hindley and Ian Brady have met in a year, as it sparks at the Christmas party, finally. After the Party, you pull through the Pubs, go to the movies, kissing in corners. Ian spends a night with her, exciting, intense. New year’s eve celebrate with Myras parents. She writes: “He is so subtle, that I could cry.”

The relationship grows. And with it something else. If you are together, you will feel it both.

picnic on the Moor

you go out a lot and always stay among themselves. In the back rooms of Pubs you can sit at the table and talk about the nonsense of life. Ian tells her from the jail, and the books he has read. Nietzsche. Dostoevsky. Camus. Myra says that she doesn’t want to end up like the other women: caught in motherhood and marriage. Ian says that you always have a choice. He asks: “What is desirable? To live for a few moments as a Tiger or a sheep?” The universe is limitless. Why should not this also apply to the people? “We are only our imagination is limited,” he says to her. She is fascinated by his thoughts.

Later, in the prison, lead Myra Hindley and Ian Brady countless conversations with journalists, investigators, and interested in psychology Familiar. At one of these Meetings Myra Hindley, Brady says: “He was my God, my Idol, I worshipped him.” Brady describes their connection as “a process of mutual osmosis”: “step by step, we developed a virtually telepathic relationship.”

they are like a cult. Two of a sect.


John Kilbride, victim in November of 1963,


Eventually, as you sit again with a bottle of wine in the Pub, it is, according to Brady to this conversation: Everyone has an enemy, he would like to kill, he says to Myra, who’s that with you? She calls Ronnie Sinclair, her former fiance. Well, says Brady. Let’s assume Ronnie would be killed in an accident. Then you would make you no reproaches. But if you were involved in its elimination, would you feel guilty. Although for him it makes no difference if he dies by accident or by murder. You can be on his logic. From there, they will talk more about the Killing. People die anyway. Killing her is nothing more than the Crossing of a social Norm. An Exercise to practice the free will. Good and Evil are moral categories, the nature does not know.

Myra is elegant through him. She dresses better, with fine-cut coats and lipstick, your hair is now less glaring. With the motorcycle that you frequently travel to the Moor of Saddleworth. Ian loves this landscape, the silence, original Wilderness. So the earth must have looked like before there were people. He feels the energy, he feels powerful and dangerous. What is happening here, sees and hears no one.

Because he is so much with Myra, he has hardly any time for his criminal plans. The camera he used to document the routes of armored van. Instead, he photographed and Myra during Sex. The pictures bring you a lot of money, everything could be good. But this Flickering in its Interior is still there. The black light. He wants to do it finally. To go the way of the “pure existentialism to its logical conclusion”, as he calls them. One day, as it claims to Brady later, you’ve talked about at the picnic on the Moor again about Ronnie Sinclair, said she would like to see how he dies; like the Moment where a person realizes that he is killed. He had a feeling that she was ready. “I knew and I still know – that callousness and cruelty are a part of my nature,” writes Myra Hindley later. “Only where this came from, I don’t know.”

“master list”

In Myras living room, you prepare everything. You want to kill someone, this is now. But Ronnie Sinclair and it will not be. There must be no connection to the victim, so that they would only be suspicious. It must be someone who is entirely unknown to them. Someone who has the bad luck to happen to be there, where you are waiting. “Somewhere out there in Manchester, slept in a Stranger, in whose life would soon intervene”, as Brady describes it in retrospect. “We don’t know him, he knew us. But our fates were inevitably at each other.”

On a “master list” make a note of the most important Details of their action: Only one of them will appeal to the target object, they must not be seen together. The clothes you wear during the act, it must be burned and identical pieces replaced. Their Alibis have to be waterproof for at least 14 days. To hedge, the two sociable: When you meet someone, ask often, how late it is and what date you have.

The list that you have photos and other Material that has accumulated Brady, it has to be kept in a suitcase in the locker, as long as with a murder. If there are witnesses, you will be shot. The police should overwhelm you, Ian kill Myra and then himself.

Keddie Murders

The mysterious murder case of cabin 28

Finn Rütten

On the 12. July 1963 departs from Myra at about eight o’clock in the evening, as arranged with your car by the Froxmer Street, Gorton. Pauline Reade, 16 years old, is on his way to a dance event and a bit early. Myra calls them to himself. You’ve lost a precious glove on a walk in the Saddleworth Moor, she says. If Pauline could help you kindly when you are Looking for, you would get a reward. The girl in the car.

Quite satisfied they are with the choice of the victim. The girl is almost too old. Missing Teenager, there are many. Only when a child comes home, all know that something Bad happened. Nevertheless, they make it more like a date. Ian Brady follows Myra on his motorcycle at the agreed place at Hollin Brown Knoll. It is a barren area with a few hills and rocks, which obstruct the view of the street. They abuse the girl and cut his throat. The spade you have.


On the 23. November 1963, you can take the twelve-year-old John Kilbride into the Moor. 16. June 1964 disappears the Bennett twelve-year-old Keith. 26. December you kill the ten year old Lesley Ann Downey.

four murders without leaving a trace. The suitcase with your collection of material you include each Time at the train station, are always heavier. Your method seems perfect: Myra in the car, on the motorcycle, the children have confidence and come up with easy. “It’s very peaceful and helpful, they followed us,” says Myra Hindley later. “Like Lambs.” Once she is approached by a police officer, as she parked the car in the Moor by the roadside. In the back of the body of Lesley Ann Downey is located. Ian Brady is taken to the spade and is hiding behind a rock. But Myra is left to cool. Smiles and says, all right, you’ve only have to wait a short time until the spark plugs are dry, equal to jump your car again. In the damp winter air, this is plausible. The policeman continues.


Lesley Ann Downey, a victim, in December, 1964


Ian and Myra are a happy Couple. Sometimes, you visit the Places on the Moor together with friends. Only you know what is happening there, gives you a feeling of boundless strength. “The more we act like gods, the more we will be like gods”, as Brady summarizes, the. Myra Hindley said, they themselves had died after the first murder. Sie had become an other.

you drink a lot at home now, often together with Myras sister and her husband. Also the brother-in-law against Brady spreads his theories of free will and self-empowerment. Maybe he thinks he will have in him a like-minded such as those found in Myra. Maybe he thinks he’s already a higher being, a “superhuman sense of Nietzsche’s” in the wrong understood. Maybe he is drunk just. It’s not Myra Hindley, she busted. It’s Ian Brady, of the 6. October 1965 makes a mistake.

At the main station in Manchester, where the Gays are, he says, in the evening, the 17-year-old Edward Evans. Myra waited in the car, together they take him home, drinking wine. Brady is still dreaming always of the great thing that he wants to turn. This murder is supposed to be a Test. He wants to know whether his brother-in-law is qualified. It will be a slaughter. Brady fails with the axe next to it, Edward Evans fight back in the next room wakes up Myras grandmother and asks what’s going on. Brady must repeatedly strike and Evans strangulation before dying. Myra wipes away everything. Your brother-in-law wraps the body in plastic and in the roof of the chamber. Ian Brady has been immersed in the struggle of the ankle, so you can’t bring the body in this night on the Moor. You go to sleep. The next Morning, the brother-in-law informed the police. Whether he was involved in the murder, as Brady says, is never clarified.

At 7. October 1965 to pick up the investigator Ian Brady. It is the first Time that Myra sees him weak. His Plan didn’t work. Suicide instead of captivity, he had spoken always. But this particular day he had forgotten to put his gun under the bed. Myra Hindley is arrested four days later. Four days in which she has time to burn photos and notes. She even manages to ask your boss at Millwards, if he can, and Brady throwing out so they can get unemployment money. Just in case you do not get it. The Ticket for the locker is in a prayer book that was seized by the police already. At her first interrogation, she repeated constantly: “ask Ian. Whatever he did, I did. Wherever he has been, I have been.”

“Nothing matters”

In the railway station of Manchester, the police found the included case. In it nine photographs showing a naked, cuffed girl. It is the ten year old Lesley Ann Downey. Also, photos of Myra Hindley are. Show them in various locations in the Saddleworth Moor, in some pictures she has her little puppy in her arms. And the police found a tape recorder.

You can hear Lesley Ann whimpers, screams. Hindley is trying to gag you, your voice is clear: “put that in your mouth.” The girl says to the hands of her take: “I have to be in front of eight at home, I won’t be killed, then when I’m there.” Ian Brady says: “Yes.” In the Background, it clicks three times, as he builds up his camera tripod. Myra Hindley turns the Radio louder. Little Drummer Boy. It is Christmas time. The sound recording is later, the main piece of evidence against Myra Hindley.

by Using the photos, the police reconstructed the places visited on the Moor the Few. Where Hindley posing with her dog, you can find body Lesley Ann Downey’s. Five days later, you discover in the vicinity of the body of John Kilbride. The boy’s Name is Ian Brady’s notebook.


DNA Test gruesome Hammer murder series, speaks after 34 years

Gernot Kramper

Edward Evans, Lesley Ann Downey, John Kilbride. Three murders, full of sadism, planned and implemented three consecutive life sentences. As Ian Brady in 1966, hears the verdict, he knows that he will leave the prison again. It does not matter to him. “Nothing matters” nothing matters, and his eternal principle. In jail he is no longer the Lord of his life. And also not about his death. But a Rest of control he still has. To know something that all others is also a Form of Power.

Myra Hindley, is also sentenced to life imprisonment. Over six years, the two write letters, then she turns Ian Brady. She begins to deny the Severity of their debt in the best. Brady had selected the victims, the murders, she was never there. She becomes entangled in contradictions, claims that also of the crime of Lesley Ann to have nothing to hear, although her voice is heard on the tape recorder to. Later, she changes her strategy: Brady had forced her to it all, he had beaten them and threatened to kill her. As you want to prevail in the mid-80s, an adhesion-facilitating, pulls Ian Brady his trump card. In an interview with journalists, he admits Bennett 1985, the murders of Pauline Reade and Keith. The times, the places, the clothes of the victims; everything he says is true.

Sheer Horror

For the families is Brady’s statement as an abyss. Yet their children were just missing. And hope is persistent, even if you know better. More than 20 years the family had searched for Keith and Pauline, had always believed in again, to see you, in the Bus, on the street. But in the middle of the Eighties, so many atrocities on Myra Hindley and Ian Brady have already come to the Public, that their names are synonymous with Horror. The families just want to know one thing: Where did you bury them? to get

the answers, you have to beg the murderers of their children. Keith Bennett’s mother Winnie writes desperate letters to Myra Hindley: “Miss, please help me.” In a 17-hour testimony of Myra Hindley, Brady’s confession confirmed. And she wants to cooperate. The first search is unsuccessful. For Myra is now in the focus of Public attention, she has now found an important advocate, you have to defend. On your second visit to the Moor, they price is actually an important Detail. On 1. In July 1987, after 100 days of searching, police find the body of Pauline Reade. Hindleys and Brady’s first victim. The girl you killed 24 years earlier. With hundreds of volunteers, the search for Keith Bennett will continue to run. The photos of his mother, who digs up the scoop on the Moor go around the world. A month later you give up.


The search for Keith was in 2009


Ian Brady is set calls for its employees, the permission to kill himself. Suicide is his last big fight. In 1985, he has been as a Psychopath, in the psychiatric Prison from Ashworth moved classified. This means that even against his will medical treatments to him, yourchgeführt can be. His Attempts to starve herself to death, to fail; he is force-fed through a nasal tube. A lawyer, he sent to the press his willingness to help in the search for Keith. Thereafter, the investigator can hardly be different, as well as him to Saddleworth to. How intoxicated, he staggers through the vast landscape. After 20 years in detention appear to fail to sense in the natural, he explains. There is nothing he can know, the Moor had changed too much. But in his Inside he can see everything clearly in front of him.

Alan Bennett writes dozens of letters to Hindley and Brady. Keith was his older brother, the children were very close. Runs Easter and Christmas Alan with his mother on the Moor, on each birthday of the Disappeared, they are there. In 1998, he meets Myra Hindley in prison, his mother, he says nothing. Him a sickly woman met, Hindley goes on the floor. You mentioned only says a area on the main road, which leads through the Moor, to special features in the landscape that they could no longer remember. Alan Bennett asks Hindley to let yourself be hypnotized. You don’t do it. Further Meeting no longer agrees with you. She could not bear to see him.

in 2002, dies Myra Hindley, at the age of 60 years in prison, of pneumonia. In 2003, the police investigate on the basis of earlier statements of Brady and Hindleys with modern satellite technology is once again on the Moor. And at the latest since the Meeting with Myra Hindley, Alan Bennett has the feeling to be the solution to the mystery very close to come. It is a feeling that does not let him.


Ian Brady has used his time in prison, to stage increasingly as an intellectual Psychopath, whose precipices are not understand for mere mortals to. He is the author of killers in the texts about the way of thinking of the series or the philosophy of the Marquis de Sade. He enjoys the attention of the media, he writes letters to Newspapers or the BBC, it receives visitors and uses these calls again and again, to bring information to the Public. For example, that Keith Bennett’s jacket had a metal zipper have that you could detect with a detector easy. That he could exactly tell where the Young sun, but not let him into the Moor. As the police set Manchester 2009 the search for Keith until Further notice, corresponds Brady with Alan Bennett’s lawyer. Again, he says, he could show where the tomb was. But he will not cooperate with the police, if his prison conditions changed. He wanted to die.

All that have to do with Brady to emphasize how rational and clear he was. In every lie a bit of truth must be scattered, so it confused his opponents – the Ian Brady had Myra Hindley always inculcated. It is a game, which he perfected in prison. Some of his notes votes. Why should not the Rest of his statements credible? Hope is persistent. Ian Brady knows this and uses it. This is his second crime.

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in 2010, support volunteers, Alan Bennett, and his mother, with a donation, organised search. A Team of Welsh mountain rescue team with specially trained dogs combed through 19 areas of the Moor. About a year later, the mother suffering from cancer. Shortly before her death, Alan Bennett promises, the search for Keith never giving up. Her greatest desire was to be able to your son properly buried. Him, finally, from there, was when David, where his killer him have brought.

Alan Bennett knows the terrain, in the meantime, almost by heart: Hollin Brown Knoll and Shiny Brook and Hoe Grain, the places where they found the other. He hopes to be able to search one day with modern technology, continue. And then there is also the letter that he has received: “In my estate I will leave specially for you instructions …”

Ian Brady dies in may 2017. He was 79 years old.

Inner peace

He leaves behind, among other things, two briefcases with notes. Shortly before his death, Brady has, however, is that they are kept under lock and key. Against the Dead is not determined to continue, he probably knew that. His executors say in the notes, anything that was of interest to the Public or to locate Keith Bennett’s contributions were. So far, the police of Manchester could not enforce a decision on the search of the case legally. Alan Bennett calls so far in vain, to make the Material accessible. It is not only about evidence, says his lawyer, it is also the inner peace of his client. Perhaps in the cases of something Alan Bennett reveals where his brother is. A note that only he understands. As long as Alan Bennett, these questions must ask, as long as he has no rest in front of Ian Brady.

He still drives regularly to the Moor of Saddleworth.

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