France wants to prevent a demonstration of a renewed escalation of violence in the “yellow West banned”protests. The new Paris police chief Didier Lallement has said in certain places in Paris protests on Saturday.

the splendid Boulevard of the Champs-Elysées and the adjacent streets, the Place de l’etoile with the arc de Triomphe, the area around the Élyséepalast and the national Assembly, it said on Friday in a communication from the Prefecture of police. Also in other cities in France, bans have been imposed. At the same time, a fight in France over the use of soldiers is actually a terrorist-defense imaginary Mission in the protests.

The authorities justified the ban with the riots in previous demonstrations. The public order is at risk. Also pyrotechnics, hazardous materials, weapons as well as items that are intended to hide the face in whole or in part, if there is no legitimate reason for you to be banned.

In Paris, it was during the protests again and again to massive riots, most recently last weekend. Shops and Restaurants on the Boulevard Champs-Élysées were devastated and looted, cars and other items burned.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe had announced after the renewed escalation of the violence already, to ban “yellow West”protests, if necessary under certain conditions. This is the case, if extreme violence is a risk. The Paris police chief Michel Delpuech had to take after the riots his hat.

the authorities in Toulouse in the “yellow West”-banned demonstrations on a Central square. In order for the competent Prefecture to respond to a social networks, both announced and not announced Demonstration on the Place du Capitole in the southern French city, she said. The prohibition applies on Saturday between 12 and 21 o’clock. Violations would be punishable by a fine.

Also in nice it is to type with a view on the state visit of China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping in some areas of the city demonstration bans. Xi, and France’s head of state, Emmanuel Macron want to eat with their wives on Sunday evening on the Côte d’azur in nice close to the evening. “Yellow West” had called then to protest in the port city.

In France, meanwhile, there is a fierce debate about the use of soldiers is actually a terrorist-defense imaginary Mission to the protests at the weekend. The government had announced the beginning of the week, the soldiers from the “Sentinelle” referred to use for the protection of certain places and buildings. The Mission began after the Islamist attack on the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” in January 2015, your work, and supervised sensitive places such as train stations, museums or airports.

President Macron stressed that the soldiers were responsible for maintaining public order. You should only relieve the police. Similarly, defense Minister Florence Parly said: you are assured that the soldiers would not blend in with the protesters. “Your Mission is the fight against terrorism, the restoration of law and order,” she said to the newspaper “Le Parisien”. The soldiers are supposed to protect according to the Parly building and public places. “It is, therefore, the idea of anyone, the military from the protesters.” Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian recalled that the soldiers were also used in the European football championship in 2016.

The project is criticized in France, with cross-party support. “If we entrust the military with the responsibility for the safety of the building in front of the protesters, then what is the next step? You have to shoot?”, left asked foreign politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Police tasks were not military tasks – the French should not be intimidated. Right populist Marine Le Pen was shocked. “It is not the army in front of the French people,” she said.

The Protest at the weekend should also be a test for France’s interior Minister Christophe Castaner. A large majority of the French (76 percent) according to a recent survey have no confidence in the Minister, when it comes, to restore public order and to prevent violence in the future. In the course of the week, many opposition politicians had called for his resignation.

The “yellow West”movement demonstrates in mid-November of last year. The protests have plunged Macron in a serious crisis. In the past few weeks, the movement had, however, lost the feed. Her Anger had sparked in connection with the planned increase in the fuel prices, but was then much more extensive than that. The “yellow West” block-built road and went – often peacefully – against the low perceived purchasing power and tax-injustice, on the street.