In the case of protests by the “yellow West” in France, there has been a little less feed than previously. In the whole country had been counted on Saturday a total of 69,000 protesters, a week before of 84,000 people had participated in the rallies.

the news station France info reported, citing the interior Ministry. In Paris and other cities came on the sidelines of the protests, clashes with security forces.

In Paris, demonstrated on Sunday for the first time, several Thousand supporters of the “red cloths”, according to the news Agency AFP reported. This movement to defend democracy and the institutions that rejects some of the “yellow West” violence and does not support directly the policy of the centre government.

interior Minister Christophe Castaner had condemned the violence in the “yellow West”-protests from Saturday sharp. He spoke of the rioters, who had disguised herself as a “yellow West”.

Castaner undertook an investigation of incidents at the Paris Bastille square, by the “Inspection générale de la Police nationale” in the country as a “police the police”. Jérôme Rodrigues, which belongs to the environment of the well-known “yellow West” – the word leader Eric Drouet, had been injured, according to media on the eye.

The “yellow West” went on the eleventh weekend in a row on the road. The protests are directed against the reform policy of the government. A further subject of Conflict as to low perceived purchasing power. Some of the “yellow West” also call for the resignation of the President of Emmanuel Macron. The 41-Year-old is faced with the most serious crisis of his tenure, which began in may of 2017.

To defuse the conflict had responded to the Macron in December, with billions of social actions. In addition, he called for a “citizens ‘ debate”, at the citizens until the middle of March in their communities proposals. Macron took part in the past week, even on such a conversation in the South of the country.

the movement of The “yellow West” has different currents, which also leads to conflicts. The activist Ingrid levavasseur is criticized because of her announced candidacy in the European elections from within its own ranks solid. You and some of the members had announced on Wednesday that the leap to the European Parliament in the car.