Xbox One Parental Controls
Xbox One Parental Controls

Microsoft released an update to Xbox One this week that will allow parents to have much greater control over what their children are playing or accessing through the console. The Redmond giant now allows parental control of the video game through Windows PCs or Android phones using the Xbox app. This also applies to games and other programs running on these platforms.

For example, the update allows parents to set time limits per app, which will apply regardless of whether a child is using the app on an Xbox One console, a Windows 10 PC, or an Android phone using the Microsoft launcher. The update also adds new notifications for when wishlist items are for sale and better integrates the Mixer streaming service with the console panel.

Parents could already set limits on how long a child could use the console, but with the latest Xbox One update, this limit can now be remotely set and set by the application. In theory, a parent can give their child the limit of one hour to play Minecraft, but leave two hours dedicated to Netflix. They will be able to set time limits on any account linked to the Microsoft family group. Remember that the limitation is tied to the system, meaning a child cannot simply play the same game on Windows 10 when the time for Xbox One runs out.

The full list of additions and enhancements to the Xbox One October update can be found on the Microsoft website.


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