Actually, this record-breaking discovery of water on the mills of Donald Trump. The U.S. customs and border protection fished at the weekend, drugs to the value of 4.6 million dollars. In the middle of the border town of Nogales to Mexico, the fishing went into the net. But this Coup is even more contrary to trump’s claim that 90 percent of all drugs in the midst handled in the desert away from the border places. Probably, therefore, he breaks out on Twitter in triumph howls. He wrestles a congratulations to the border officials. The have done a great Job.

The smuggler had hidden the goods in a false bottom of a truck: 127 kg Fentanyl, as well as nearly 200 kilograms of methamphetamine, with an estimated total value of 4.6 million dollars were stored in the secret compartment. “This is the biggest discovery of Fentanyl in the history of the CBP,” said the head of the US customs in Nogales, Michael Humphries. Probably no other American has so far, authorities discovered more Fentanyl. The Opioid is 80 to 100 Times stronger than morphine. A quarter of a gram can be fatal.

x-ray Scanner to monitor the Transitions

The news of this catch broke on Thursday in the midst of the negotiations over the wall to Mexico. It is one of the key election campaign promise Trumps. But the Democrats block it with their majority in the house of representatives, the estimated total investment of 5.7 billion dollars. The US President has justified the construction of always so that only the wall could cut the drug smuggling between Central America and the United States.


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However, experts hold the for disorderly conduct. The drugs are mostly smuggled through official border stations in cars or trucks, hidden in secret compartments, or between legal goods. This was also the case with the record-Fentanyl-Fund in Arizona. According to the authorities, it was first by a “non-invasive” inspection – usually meant huge x-ray Scanner – the secret cavity in the tractor-trailer discovered. Then beat in a closer investigation of drug dogs.

Donald Trump went so far on a proposal for a

Trump himself so far remains stubborn. The CBP could not change his mind, that in the year 2018, 90 percent of the heroin and cocaine from Mexico in the border cities is handled, so the website USA Today. On the proposal of the Democrats to invest $ 8 million in additional border personnel and a further $ 225 million, the monitoring systems need to be upgraded, he never.

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that his own officials have their assessment is right, would Trump can also find it in the trial against the drug Lord, El Chapo. The once-in-chief of the Mexican Sinaloa cartel. According to CNN, his accomplice has already confessed that they had smuggled the drugs through the border cities. Preferably in cars, Trucks or trains. The open border in no-man’s land she had always avoided.

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