Ayesha Vardag is familiar with divorces of all. So good that she got the nickname “Diva of Divorce” missed. In other words: The 51-Year-old is one of Britain’s best and probably best-paid divorce lawyer. And as an expert for painful separations, it is one of the few people who understand the British Brexit-Chaos to some extent. Because: “the events of The past week are very similar to the individual phases of a divorce.”

Would choose the two parties to end their marriage because they no longer love, then your attitude in General is still not 100 percent sure says Vardag, in an Interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper” (Paid content). Finally, there was a common time and there is usually things you still at the other treasures. But as soon as the decision is, it’s only really with the questions: Have I done the Right thing? I’m going to draw the short straw? I find new exciting partners?

New Brexit-date?

British Parliament votes in favour of extended EU-whereabouts

Brexit – “an absolute fiasco”

“London is like a wife who is not quite sure whether she wants to leave her husband”, and transmits Vardag, in an Interview, the Situation on the Brexit. “All want a good Deal, but didn’t get. There’s a panic on.” Especially as the EU-exit would be handled by “a bunch of incompetent politicians”.

The Brexit, the divorce expert referred to as the “absolute fiasco”. “Our politicians are not capable of such a complex Deal to negotiate. The most terrible divorce attorneys, you can have,” says Ayesha Vardag. Elsewhere in the interview, she stresses: “If Theresa May and her colleagues, the lawyers in my law firm, I’d fire you.”

“Germany is our last remaining friend”

the Prime Minister and the political caste in the UK are not be blamed for The Brexit-Chaos wants a lawyer, but alone. Also the EU have their share. “If the Commission would be would be a little more friendly and show the British that they are still welcome (…)”, says Vardag. You should the effect of phrases such as “Okay, that didn’t work out so well, but we love you, so please, come back”. So-but, above all, the Pride of the British people will be awakened, go out now without great fear of it, “that we get all of this somehow, because we have done it in the past.”

There is also the arrogance of Brussels, which hinders the Brexit process would be, believes Vardag. So you mean the EU Commission, less the member countries of the Union. “Germany, for example,” says divorce lawyer, “seems at the moment to be our last remaining friend”.

to stay Absolutely possible, friends

Comforting the lawyer out of your experience to report, however. “If you behave in a civilized and polite and work together on a solution, stay Ex-spouse is often a friend,” says Vardag. This is especially important for the coming Generation, should see that the group is cooperative and builds bridges. This could also work after the Brexit. The lawyer himself feels, “very European. I have a house in Italy, speak Italian, Spanish and French.”

Brussels have failed in many ways, says Vardag. “But whether we stay or escape, we should continue to work together, because that is the Best for each of us.”

sources: “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, “Vardags.com”