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World Trigger Chapter 197 Release Date, Spoilers, and Updates

World trigger is a Japanese Manga and things are getting intense with the release of each chapter. Fans love every bit of it and they are waiting to see if their favorite character will win the tournament or not. Tamakoma has finally taken the second position so there is no way we can expect him to win now. Yuba Squad has excelled and got what they deserve and even if you are not their fan you will be happy to see the results. Let us talk more about World trigger chapter 197 and other important details.

Recent spoilers on World trigger chapter 197

Unfortunately, World trigger chapter 197 doesn’t have any official spoilers out as yet. If you are looking all over the internet in the hope to find the latest updates there will be none. The makers want it to be a secret so when they are revealed in the actual episodes you will be pleasantly surprised. The Manga has been getting widely popular all over the globe and the producers are working hard to make it better than before. The Manga features an intense tournament quite effectively and you will learn true sportsmanship and passion while watching this Manga series. If you are fond of sports this Manga will surely give you a lot of tips to work hard and win it.

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What can we expect from World trigger chapter 197?

Tamakoma has gotten another victory and we all were happy to see that hard work finally pays off. Osamu is impressed with his performance and wanted to give a similar performance but he failed. Chika and Tsuji were having an intense battle of their own and one of them did shot down the other. The battle between all the characters is getting intense and in the end, it is Tamakoma versus Yuba squad. The squad is full of many characters and they all are very powerful when it comes to gaming skills.

Once the Yuba squad is defeated now is the time to pursue Chika so he can plan a deep attack on Osamu. The commentators can see how intense the game has become and Osamu could have shot Chika but he failed to do so in the very end. Chika is quick enough to have a dangerous shot at Tsuji. When the second round begins all characters are ready to fight the intense battle. However, it is observed that Tamakoma has turned out to be in second place and the Yuba squad is the one who has taken the winning title.

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World trigger Chapter 197 release date

The release date of World triggers chapter 197 is June 3rd, 2020. You must be aware that the Manga runs on a weekly schedule so it doesn’t take much time for the new chapter to come out. You can visit the official website of the makers regularly as there are plenty of updates given about the upcoming chapters. If this isn’t enough they sometimes give spoilers to attract new audiences. They are released on VIZ media while Shueisha’s Manga plus is another official platform where you can catch up with each chapter without any problems. As a true audience, we should respect the hard work of the developers as they are coming up with exciting chapters every week.

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