the owner of The cat Momma by nerve suffered grueling 12 hours: The animal had climbed up the masts in Philadelphia on a phone – and managed to self-don’t back down. In the dizzying height of the tabby kitty sat on the wood pile. And more and more residents came together and cared for Mommas. Attempts by the neighbors to lure Momma even from the Mast to fail. Therefore, the owner called the fire Department to help. Was rescued the cat finally, but by someone else.

Not even the fire Department was able to

doesn’t help Because even the local fire brigade had the right device, in order to Momma. But had someone else to be the perfect tool to have on Hand: Maurice German, who worked for the American telephone company Verizon. He worked at his Job every day, a hydraulic crane, which was of course perfectly suited to reach telephone poles. The took it out of the Garage and rushed to the rescue of the now extremely frightened and debilitated cat. And the rescue was a success.

But, while the story for the Momma and her owner made a good end, and the whole neighborhood was celebrated, had the use of for Maurice German bitter consequences: he may not use the crane for applications outside of his job would, he was suspended for 14 days by the service. Without Any Payment. “It makes us no fun, this sanction to apply,” says Verizon spokesman Rich Young. “Nevertheless, we are for the safety of our employees and our clients to be responsible and take it very seriously. Unhappy risked this employee around the way his life and the lives of the people around him, even if his Motivation was, of course, laudable.”

The company is the hard decision-making

You can understand that Verizon wants to keep to the company rules and must. Nevertheless, the resentment was the people in Philadelphia and after the history are beyond great. The owner of the Momma didn’t want to accept that the rescue has had to accept for his use now and large financial losses. She launched a fundraising campaign in order to his loss of earnings of the two weeks, in which he was not allowed to work, to absorb. And soon was not only come together this money – all 3400 dollars, many people donated for the helper. So could be all satisfied.

sources: “Metro” / GoFundMe