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Assault with blender and helmet – no loot (6.07 p.m.)restricts WhatsApp forward messages (4.12 PM)Palestinians, Israeli soldiers killed (0.02 PM)

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+++ 8.56 PM: tractor-trailer driver relies on his sat NAV, and drives against a tree and road sign +++

A tree, a traffic sign and the Truck damaged the balance sheet of an accident, the 40-year-old tractor-trailer driver in the baden-württemberg-Ladenburg has caused. Then the man wanted to flee, but was apprehended, the police announced on Tuesday. The non-local drivers, only the instructions of his GPS followed. The 40-Year-old bog in the night in a heavy truck, the road is blocked off and remained on the roof of a House slopes. In the episode he was driving a tree, a traffic sign and a boulder. The shield was between the axles of the trailer and ripped the brake cylinder of the truck, came to rest thereupon. The driver fled from the scene of the accident, but could be through witness evidence of the police caught. The police estimated the damage at several thousand euros. The driver, a preliminary investigation due to a traffic accident escape now expected.

+++ 8.14 PM: court rejects re-release of car Manager Ghosn +++

The Japan-accused Ex-top Manager of Renault partner Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, remains in custody. The district court in Tokyo dismissed a renewed application of his attorney for bail. The 64-year-old Ghosn, who once rescued Nissan in front of the near-Bankrupt and, together with Renault and Mitsubishi, a powerful international Alliance was forged, was on 19. November in Tokyo, together with his previous right Hand to Greg Kelly for violating Japanese exchange conditions and later charged. He also, according to the Japanese Prosecutor’s office, private investment losses on the Nissan transfer. While Kelly recently came out on bail, sits Ghosn after two months in detention.

+++ 8 PM: Many Dead after attack on intelligence base in Central Afghanistan +++

After a stop at the base of the secret service in the Central Afghan town of Maidan Schahr the number of dead continued to increase. At least 60 security forces had been killed, said the provincial Council Mohammed Sardar Bachtiari. It is even up to 130 people could be killed. As the reason for this large difference in the number of victims he stated that other authorities concealed the true scale. According to the Counsellor Nafisa Selia Wardak are at least 126 secret service employee were killed.

+++ 7.18 PM: Falling hotel window kills tourist in Hong Kong +++

In Hong Kong was killed a tourist from a falling hotel window. The window fell on Monday the 16th. Floor of a hotel in the popular shopping district of Tsim Sha Tsui, the police announced. A 24-year-old Chinese woman was hit and could not be saved by Doctors. Your companion suffered only minor injuries. The police arrested a cleaner of the hotel temporarily. This was released on bail and the investigation continues.

+++ 7.13 PM: drought-loaded K+S in the past year +++

The drought in Germany has the fertilizer and salt producer K+S in the past year significantly impacted. The impact on the operating result (Ebitda) in 2018, spent a total of around 110 million Euro, it is clear from the documents for an investor conference. After the heavy rains in December, the production was secured in the first quarter of 2019, however, reiterated the group.

+++ 6.36 PM: Bus collides with tanker truck – at Least 27 Dead in Pakistan +++

In the case of a serious bus accident in Pakistan at least 27 people have been killed. They were burned, after the Bus had collided with a tank truck and both of the fire had caught, said the representatives of the local authorities Shabbir Mengal on Tuesday. The accident occurred in the vicinity of the southern port city of Karachi. The Bus with 33 inmates had been reported to be on the road in the southwestern province of Baluchistan.

+++ 6.07 PM: Robbery with a blender and a helmet – no loot +++

Armed with a blender and masked with a motorcycle helmet, an Unknown has a game hall in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Hamm invaded and is short deducted out without the loot. According to police sources, on Tuesday morning, the woman had called at night, under the lead of the in a burlap bag hidden kitchen device by an employee of cash. The 56-Year-old had shown itself to be unaffected, it said. He was able to remove the woman the bag and the blender and the game hall, promoted. They fled on foot. The police come to investigate for attempted robbery.

+++ 6.03 PM: men have more confidence in the government and the media as a women +++

men’s trust according to a survey considerably stronger in government, business and the media than women. The communications Agency Edelman expressed on Tuesday, the presumption that women dealt less with news than men. Depending on the Institution, the confidence level of women is according to the results, more than ten percentage points lower than men’s. The more women, however, the more confidence you have in the institutions. Edelman collects the study year. For the current investigation, the Agency had 33,000 people in 26 countries between mid-October and mid-November about the Internet question – 1150 from Germany. This showed that people’s trust in the institutions has stabilized in Germany as well as in the world, after a period of free fall. In Germany, the Index rose from 41 to 44 per cent – one of the worst values in comparison with other countries.

+++ 5.07 PM: police Union demands of AfD candidates in the police distancing themselves from Höcke +++

The police Union (GdP) has requested from officials that stand for elections for the AfD, a clear distancing from the right to the national “wings” of the Thuringian land-in-chief Björn Höcke. “Every official swears on the Constitution. This oath obliged to keep to the rules. It is not compatible with any Doubts of the constitutional protection of the right of national “wings” to Björn Höcke,” said GdP-chief Oliver Malchow, the editors ‘ network of Germany. This year, to be elected in Bremen, Brandenburg, Sachsen and Thüringen new länder parliaments. According to the report, five police officers are alone in Thuringia as a candidate on the 38 members of the AfD-country list. Höcke is the top candidate.

+++ 4.53 PM: Japanese supermarkets want Sex-Magazine ban in front of the Olympic +++

Japanese supermarkets want to ban adult magazines from their shelves, during the Olympic games next year, not a bad image. Two of the leading operators of “Convenience Stores”, all-day dining, and the whole of the island Empire scattered neighborhood markets want to convey in this way, foreign visitors to the games in Tokyo a better impression of how the Kyodo news Agency reported. Also they wanted to take with the to the end of August planned Porn reference more consideration to women and children.

+++ 4.40 PM: More ship to fire victims in the Strait of Kerch fears +++

The fire of two cargo ships off the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula, more sailors could have cost the life than previously assumed. In addition to the ten recovered bodies and a further ten of the Crew were missing members, reported the Russian news Agency Tass reported, citing the rescue workers. Twelve Sailors were rescued. The fire was believed to have been an Explosion is triggered and according to the report, also on Tuesday morning, still not deleted.

+++ 4.19 PM: the German-French Treaty with about 15 priority projects +++

The governments in Berlin and Paris have reached an agreement shortly before the signing of the new Franco-German Treaty of Friendship on a list of about 15 projects, the implementation of which should be immediately addressed. According to information from the German press Agency the appropriate list, the projects, the controversial nuclear power plant in Fessenheim in the Alsace region to shut down. In addition, cross-border railway projects and to the joint application for EU Standards for the regulation of financial services on the list of projects with high urgency. Add to that, therefore, the extension of the work of the German-French youth work, joint cultural institutes in certain countries and the establishment of a high-level working group on energy policy. In addition, there is a long list of more than 100 projects, which will be prepared as multi-year projects, planning for the next meeting of the German-French Council of Ministers. Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron want to seal the new Treaty of friendship on this Tuesday, exactly 56 years after the signing of the Élysée Treaty in the coronation hall of the historical Aachen city hall. The contract must be made by the parliaments of both countries ratified it.

+++ 4.12 PM: WhatsApp restricts the forwarding of messages a +++

In the action against the dissemination of false news to the messenger service WhatsApp restricts forward a the of messages. With the latest WhatsApp versions, a message could be forwarded from that point on only to five recipients, the Facebook subsidiary. In order for WhatsApp to focus on the private exchange of messages with “close contacts”. So far, a message could be forwarded up to 20 Times. Such a restriction had been introduced by WhatsApp in July in India. The Indian government had exerted pressure on the messenger service, after Mobs had lynched 20 people, where child abduction or other crimes were accused. The allegations were spread through WhatsApp.

+++ 3.46 PM: a Truck loses tons of grain on A81 – accidents and full closure +++

the wagon, A fallen load, and its on the highway distributed load have led to the complete closure of the A81 in the North of Baden-württemberg. Due to a burst front tyre, the 38-year-old driver had lost on Monday night in großrinderfeld in the direction of Heilbronn control of his Truck, the police announced. The truck crashed into the middle guard rail and overturned on the median strip. Over 26 tonnes of rye were distributed to the entire roadway in the direction of Heilbronn and the left lane of the opposite carriageway.

+++ 2.52 PM: a car bomb Explosion in Northern Ireland: Four Suspects are released +++

Four, after the Explosion of a car bomb in Northern Ireland, Londonderry arrested men free again. A 50-year-old suspect to stay in custody, the Northern Ireland police authority PSNI late on Monday evening via Twitter. The five men had been arrested under the suspicion of the militant group, the New IRA.

+++ 1.20 PM: Explosion at gas pipeline in Mexico: the number of dead to 91 +++

rose After the devastating Explosion of a gasoline pipeline in Mexico, the death toll has risen to 91. 52 people had been injured in the accident, said the Governor of the state of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad. The death toll could rise even more, because some of the injured were in critical condition. The Minister of health Jorge Alcocer said three children had been taken to a hospital in the US state of Texas, specializing in burns. Near the Pipeline had been at the time of the Explosion on Friday, according to media reports, several hundred people. On the line in the town of Tlahuelilpan previously, a leak was created, local residents wanted to take advantage of that and gasoline in buckets and canisters take. According to reports, the flames after the Explosion up to 20 meters high. The soil around the Pipeline was charred.

+++ 1.14 PM: well-Known French accordionist Marcel Azzola died +++

accompanied Chanson greats such as Jacques Brel, Barbara and Edith Piaf, at The age of 91 years, the famous French accordionist Marcel Azzola died. His heart beat on Monday morning, stopped, said his wife Lina Bossati to the AFP news Agency. Azzolas Manager Alexandre Lacombe has confirmed the death of 91-Year-old. Of the on 10. July 1927, the Paris-born son of Italian immigrants occurred in his long career with Gilbert Bécaud, Juliette Gréco, and Marcel Mouloudji. He also recorded music for numerous films, among other things, for Director Jacques Tati. Immortal an exclamation of Jacques Brel made him in the recording of the song “Vesoul”, from the year 1968. Brel inspired his accordionist with the words “Chauffe, Marcel, chauffe!” (English: “let it go, Marcel!”) . The exclamation is now a common figure of speech for musicians.

+++ 0.40 PM: number of refusals at the German border in 2018 down slightly +++

The number of refusals at the German borders has decreased in the past year, according to a new report easily. As the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” reported, citing statistics of the Ministry of interior, rejected the Federal police in 2018 at all German borders 12.079 people. In the same period 42.478 illegal Entry were detected. In the previous year, it had, according to the report 12.370 rejections at 50.154 illegal Entries. Alone on the German-Austrian border, the Federal police last year recorded a total 11.464 illegal Entry. It came here to 6208 rejections.

+++ 0.02 PM: Palestinians by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank killed +++

Israeli soldiers killed on Monday a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank. The Israeli armed forces had South opened in the city of Nablus fire on the man, said the Palestinian Ministry of health. Previously had already been communicated to the Israeli army, you have neutralized the area with a knife armed attacker to “”. It was not clarified whether the in the message as a “Terrorist,” described the man was injured or killed. The attacker was attacked with a knife on a soldier at a check post, said the army. Another soldier had opened the fire.

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