Doctors in the United States have a donor kidney of a HIV-infected woman in a recipient with HIV transplanted. Both patients were in good health, the Johns Hopkins University hospital in Baltimore in the US state of Maryland on Thursday (local time).

“It is the first Time ever in the world that anyone living with HIV is allowed to donate a kidney, and that’s huge,” said surgery Professor Dorry Segev. According to the clinic, the transplant took place on Monday.

so Far, you have not allowed people with the Aids virus HIV for transplantation, because the risk was too high, that the donor would suffer from kidney disease, said Segev. Now things are different. “A disease that was in the 1980s, a death sentence, is now so well in hand that Living with HIV can today save with a kidney donation of life – this is unbelievable.”

The egg donor and activist Nina Martinez wants to fight with the procedure, also against the Stigma that HIV-Infected often are still living. “I want to be no Hero. I want to serve as an example for someone, and the reason for someone to consider a donation,” said the 35-Year-old.

in the U.S. Alone, more than 110 000 people are in the hospital, on a waiting list for a transplant, about 20 die every day, because it is not a suitable Organ is found. For patients with HIV with the Virus-infected donor could be a great hope, so the doctors.