The first word was the Name of her son. After 27 years, a patient in a specialist hospital in the upper Bavarian town of Bad Aibling from the coma came back to consciousness. The woman from the United Arab Emirates had suffered in 1991, as a 32-Year-old in a car accident.

After working in different hospitals, they came in the Nice clinic. There, they reacted in June 2018 for the first time on appeal. “It sounds like a miracle, but it is medical excellence,” said clinic spokeswoman Astrid Reining. Several media had reported about the case.

again and again, gain coma patients consciousness. There have been similar cases, but “you can count with two hands,” said the chief doctor Friedemann Müller, who supervised the women in Bad Aibling. Worldwide known is the case of the US-American Terry Wallis, who graduated in 2003, after 19 years, the consciousness was.

“I never gave up, because I always had the feeling that one day you will Wake up,” said the now 32-year-old son of the woman of the English-language newspaper “The National”. “For years I’ve dreamed of this Moment, and my Name was the first word you said.” He was in the accident, four years old. On the day the mother picked him up according to the paper of the school, at the wheel of her brother-in-law was sitting. The car collided with a Bus. The mother took the boy protectively in his arms – he suffered slight injuries. The mother was seriously injured in the head. Since then, she no longer was responsive.

Miller’s colleague, Klaus Jahn, a neurologist in another Department of the Schön Klinik, says about the return to consciousness: “It is not unusual that this happens after years, after three, four, five, sometimes ten years.” After 27 years, but this is very rare.

“It is rather an unusual case, but he speaks for the good quality of care,” says the Federal Chairman of the German vegetative company, Armin Nentwig. According to his estimate, around 7000 patients in Germany is in the coma. The course is often difficult to assess. “The man has a right to life and Rehabilitation,” stresses Nentwig.

As is the case of today, about 60-year-old woman from the Consulate General of the Emirates to the clinic to take, you paint yourself into a state of mini-consciousness findings. You have sometimes fixated with the eyes a bit, not been totally unresponsive, says chief doctor Müller. “As I said, we can let you come. Because we can try something.”

The severe spasms and epileptic seizures, the Doctors medication brought under control, a drug were directly slides into the spinal canal in order to avoid a further burden on the injured brain. Among other things, with an exoskeleton that paralyzed people the engine-controlled movements can make, it was mobilized. She received physical therapy and had surgery to correct stiffness of the limbs after the long. The recipe for success, according to Müller: the right dosage of The applications, the correct sequence – “and happiness.” “We have not made much different than others. But, we have optimized the combination of anti-spastic medication, physiotherapy and mobilization. And perhaps the time was ripe.”

The woman, now living again with her family in the Emirates. Even after the dismissal have improved her condition somewhat, so you could make it about with one Hand, small movements – and say, if you do something that hurt you, says Müller. “She is still severely disabled, she is more in need of care. But you can live on family communicative part of it.” Your son is very happy and wants to make other courage. Therefore, he made the case of his mother, now in public: “He wanted to carry the message to the world.”